NCAA Tournament – Day 4

I think Weller was lost on the Strip last night plus his internet is probably still out.  Luckily, my picks are getting better as we go along, which is odd.  I only missed one yesterday and that was the best one to miss.  I’m headed to the Blues game in a minute so I’m going to miss all the games today.

Let’s pick Day 4.

Midwest Region

Michigan State over Maryland – This should be a fantastic game.  I think the Spartans will come out on top of a tight one.

Ohio State over Georgia Tech – Ohio State is starting slowly, but I have confidence that they’ll come back strong.

West Region

Syracuse over Gonzaga – This game is already in the books, but I’d have taken the Orange anyway.

Xavier over Pitt – I’ve heard nothing about either of these teams so far.  Could one of them sneak into the Final 4?

East Region

Cornell over Wisconsin – The Big Red make me feel worse about switching my pick as they march on.

West Virginia over Missouri – If Mizzou can create pressure like they did against Clemson, they might make the Big East look even worse.

South Region

Duke over California – I think the Bears will keep this one close, but Duke will just have too much in the end.

Texas A&M over Purdue – I was heckled for picking the Aggies to lose in the first round.  I deserved it.

Feel free to heckle these picks also.


3 Responses

  1. I hope Ohio State goes on a roll! I picked them to win it all! I would love to see Cal somehow take out Duke…

    • Someone doesn’t like your OSU pick. I’d imagine it’s one of the Tennessee fans who frequent this site (but never comment).

      I’m glad A&M is out. I couldn’t get them right.

  2. Haha, well screw them! Evan Turner is going to be the next Brandon Roy! I don’t really like Ohio State, but I love Turner’s game! I think you jinxed A&M both times. I wish you had picked them to lose :)

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