NCAA Tournament – Day 3

I only missed three games yesterday and two of them were the ones I switched at that last second.  I know, I know, I broke the cardinal rule of  bracket picking.  I’ll do better next year, I promise.

I’m not sure Weller is awake yet or if his internet is in tact so I’m here again.  By the way, it’s actually snowing outside.  I wore shorts yesterday and now there is snow on the ground.  I don’t know what to do with that.

Let’s start in the Midwest Region

Kansas over Northern Iowa – The Panthers’ 7-footer whose name I don’t know will have to slow down Cole Aldrich and his minions if they want to have a chance in this one.

Tennessee over Ohio – I’m still reeling from the Bobcats’ upset of Georgetown.  Hopefully Tennessee can send them packing for me.

West Region

Butler over Murray State – Butler restores order to the tournament by taking out the Cinderella Racers.

Kansas State over BYU – I think this game could be entertaining, but too much Jacob Pullen and Denis Clemente in the end.

East Region

Kentucky over Wake Forest – This game won’t be close.

Washington over New Mexico – The Lobos endured a scare from Montana and they’ll get worse than that from the streaking Huskies.

South Region

Baylor over Old Dominion – Favorable match up for the Bears as another double digit seed goes down.

St. Mary’s over Villanova – Nova should have lost their first round game while the Gaels dismantled a solid Richmond team.  Our first Top 2 seed is bounced.


2 Responses

  1. Hell yeah Pac-10! Washington is looking solid! I’m so happy Kansas went down. That ruined about half the brackets for everyone! I didn’t even have them in any of my final fours mwahahahaha!

    • I had them losing to Georgetown…but that’s not the issue. That was just beautiful. I couldn’t be happier.

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