NCAA Tournament – Day 2

You’re back with Bryan today.  Weller had internet for a brief moment last night, but then it went away again.  So, instead of getting good picks…you get mine.

Granted, I had an okay day yesterday if you take out the Georgetown game.  I had them in the Final 4.  I’ve never lost a Final 4 team in the first round.  Whoops.  Let’s get to it.

East Region

Michigan State over New Mexico St. – Too many factors working against New Mexico State for them to pull the upset.

Maryland over Houston – Bid-stealers Houston are one and done against the Maryland Vazquez’s.

Oklahoma St. over Georgia Tech – This should be a fantastic game if both teams show up.  Too much James Anderson for the Yellow Jackets.

Ohio St. over UC Santa Barbara – Evan Turner might be the best player in the country.

West Region

Syracuse over Vermont – A certain preseason game does creep into the mind, though…

Gonzaga over Florida St. – The Zags spoil Florida State’s return to the Dance.

Xavier over Minnesota – The Musketeers always seems dangerous this time of year.

Pittsburgh over Oakland – I don’t think this game will be close.

East Region

Temple over Cornell – I got burned by trendy picks yesterday and I switched this one at the last second.  Let’s see what happens.

Wisconsin over Wofford – I think I’ll name my next dog Wofford.  They still won’t win this game, though.

Missouri over Clemson – The only difference between these two teams is the coach and Mike Anderson is the better one.

West Virginia over Morgan State – West Virginia is a very dangerous team in this tournament.

South Region

Duke over Arkansas-Pine Bluff – They get credit for their win over Winthrop.  I hope they enjoyed it.

California over Louisville – Another intriguing game that could really go either way.

Utah State over Texas A&M – In the Battle of the Aggies, I’m taking the far West ones.

Purdue over Siena – Even without Robbie Hummel, Purdue will take care of Siena.

Here are my Day 2 picks.  Now everyone in the world can watch my picks fail.


3 Responses

  1. Whaaa? I can’t believe you picked Utah State! I might have picked them, if they had the Ivan Brothers from those Capitol One commercials on their team. I also think A&M will beat Purdue next round.

    • I dunno man. Maybe I was drunk. Is it baseball season?

  2. LOL!

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