NCAA Tournament – Day 1

Alright, Weller has no internet and I’ve been out of town which is why this is so late.  Last year we traded off days with our picks, but we’re not sure when Weller will get his internet back so I’m just going to give my Day 1 picks today and hope he gets his internet back tomorrow.  Generally, I’m good in the first two rounds and terrible later on.  That has not been the case this year as I’ve been pretty bad so far.

I’m going to write this like no games have happened yet, even though I know which ones I’ve missed.

Kansas over Lehigh – All the similarities to the Bucknell game in the world aren’t going to help Lehigh here.

Northern Iowa over UNLV – I’ll be honest, I know nothing about either team.  I’m going with Northern Iowa.

Tennessee over San Diego State – Tennessee has shown that they can beat any team in the country.  They could also lose this game very easily.

Georgetown over Ohio – I like Georgetown to make a little run in this tournament but their extremely difficult region could prevent that.

West Region

Butler over UTEP – I had UTEP at first, but switched to Butler in the end.

Vanderbilt over Murray State – This seems to be everyone’s trendy pick, which I don’t like.  I’m taking Vandy.

BYU over Florida –  The Gators shouldn’t even be in this tournament.

K-State over North Texas – This won’t be close.

East Region

Kentucky over East Tennessee State – No contest.

Texas over Wake Forest – If Texas can regain mid-December form then this tournament needs to be put on notice.

Washington over Marquette – The Huskies are a good team on a hot streak right now.

New Mexico over Montana – I’m not a big Lobos fan, but Montana won’t be the one to take them out.

Notre Dame over Old Dominion – I want to pick Old Dominion, but I think that’s just because I don’t like Notre Dame.

Baylor over Sam Houston State – Baylor seems to be a popular pick to make a run.  I can get behind that, but they can also crash out early just as easily.  (See:  Tennessee)

Richmond over St. Mary’s – I hate that these two were matched up in the first round.  They were both going to be Cinderella picks for me but I’m going with Richmond.

Villanova over Robert Morris –  I don’t even know who Robert Morris is.

So those are my picks.  I already know that Richmond, Notre Dame and Vanderbilt let me down in a big way.  Those are all tough losses too, because I wavered on them a bit (except Murray State.  Vanderbilt, you should be ashamed of yourselves.)  If Weller is able, you’ll get his picks tomorrow, otherwise it will be back to me.


3 Responses

  1. Man, I got about zero work done today. I was streamlining them and couldn’t stop watching! Let’s just hope day two will be just as good! I too wish I picked Old D. I think I switched up one of my brackets at midnight last night and that was one of them. I guess swapping St. Mary’s to win evened it out, but still!

  2. I was told to go with Murray State and did not do it. I hate that.

  3. Gee Classic, you appear to have taken it on the chin the first day. I hope you recover today. There sure looks to be be a lot of parity in the tournament this year.

    What about those Ohio Bobcats!!! Only 2.6% of the 4 million people in the ESPN bracket got that one right. You should take solace in the fact that there are only 6 perfect brackets left in that pool.

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