Rams Draft

As you all know, I’m blessed with the curse of being a St. Louis Rams fan.  About ten years ago, it was a great thing.  Now we’re the laughingstock of pro football.  I guess we’re not the Lions, but you get the idea.  It’s bad.

Anyway, we have a decision to make with the upcoming #1 overall pick in the draft.  With many obvious holes to fill and no real chance to contend next year, (or the year after…or the year after…) I’d like to give my strategy for the upcoming draft.  This might give away my picks for the upcoming Fan Mock Draft, but I have the #1 pick and a few back up plans.

Let’s get started with that first pick.

He'll look good in a Rams uniform

In my opinion, the Rams have two options with this pick:  Nebraska Cornhuskers DT Ndamukong Suh or Oklahoma Sooners QB Sam Bradford.

I am firmly entrenched in the Suh camp, but I wouldn’t renounce my fanhood if we selected Bradford.  The pros for Suh just heavily outweigh the cons and I’m not sure I can say the same about Bradford.  My tune has changed from the beginning of the year when I wanted a QB at all costs but then Bradford went out with a shoulder injury two different times after two seemingly harmless tackles.  I knew of Suh’s dominance before last year started and I got a chance to watch him single-handedly win football games for Nebraska which only made me more excited about the prospect of drafting him.  This play alone is enough to make me want to take him.

Our need at Defensive Tackle, however, is not quite as great as the need at Quarterback.  Marc Bulger was ruined by Mike Martz and I don’t feel like there is any chance of fixing him at this point.  It probably also doesn’t help that Bulger faces so much pressure behind a porous and oft-injured O-Line or that he has no one to throw to except Donnie Avery.  Would it really be intelligent to take a QB coming off a shoulder injury just to stick him behind that offensive line?  I suppose we could also draft him and sit him for a year, but then Bradford would essentially go two years without playing.  That doesn’t strike me as a good idea.  Suh would come in and make an immediate impact on the defensive side of the ball…which might also give us Rams fans a little hope for the future.

I don’t even want to discuss the possibility of taking Jimmy Clausen or Gerald McCoy.  Those selections really would make me consider a change of teams.  But that is for a different time and hopefully won’t have to be written at all.

Now we’ll get into the part that is more speculation than anything.  The Rams also have the first pick of the second round, which as Weller and I found one day, is one of the more prosperous draft picks there is.  There has been plenty of talk of guys rising and falling over the past few week like Sean Weatherspoon and Joe Haden.  Realistically, I don’t see either being around when the Rams are picking the second, but I’m sure we wouldn’t hesitate to take either.  Haden especially needs to rebound from his awful Combine performance at Florida’s Pro Day or he really might end up on the Rams.  That should be incentive enough to train harder, I would think.

With the pick, it’s tough to decide which way the Rams are going to go because we have so many holes.  Personally, I’d look to wide receiver.  Guys like Brandon LaFell, Arrelious Benn, Golden Tate and even Dez Bryant should still be around.  Bryant is a wild card since he may be the most talented wide receiver in the draft class but his off the field issues may see him slip past the first round.  It probably won’t happen, but we’ll see.  If he’s gone, I want the best out of the three remaining wideouts.  LaFell is the tallest, Benn is the biggest, and Tate is the fastest who also put up the best numbers in college.  The Rams already have a small, lightning fast receiver in Avery, but Tate would be hard to pass up.  Benn played his college ball not too far away at Illinois, so that might be a draw.  He was very inconsistent for the Illini but lots of that can be attributed to inconsistent QB play.  LaFell was good…but not great during his time at LSU.  I’d be happy with any of them.

We also need help opposite of Chris Long at the defensive end position, so if Everson Griffen falls to us, I wouldn’t hate that pick, either.  Same goes for Taylor Mays should he drop out of the first round.

In the third round, barring someone dropping like a stone in the next few weeks, I want Dan LeFevour from Central Michigan.  Is this a reach?  Probably.  But like every year around this time, I fall in love with a QB who probably won’t be all that great in the pros.  The Rams could probably wait until the top of Round 4, but I’m proving a point here.  I have a man-crush on Dan LeFevour and I want to see him throwing passes to Donnie Avery next year.  That way, if it’s obvious that he is not the QB of the future, we can use our Top 3 pick next year on Ryan Mallett or someone else who has a better shot at being a franchise quarterback.  (This won’t be necessary since LeFevour will lead us to the promised land one day, but just in case.)

So there you go.  That’s my plan to fix the Rams through the first three round of the draft this year.  Think I’m crazy?  Let me have it in the comments.

4 Responses

  1. Naturally, I think your absolutely wrong with even thinking about drafting Suh! Bradford should be your number 1 pick.

    That leaves Suh for me at 2.

    Thanks for your change of mind

  2. Classic,
    I like your logic. Suh has the potential to be around for another 15 years and would help solidify a very strong defensive front four. Bradford who actually may become a perennial all star too is already damaged goods. He is just to risky in my book. You are right on point that Bradford running behind the current offensive line will be running for his life and that can’t bode well for his surgically repaired shoulders. I will admit though, Adrian Peterson had similar knocks against him due to his injuries in college too. Still, I believe you take the beef up front and build your team around that.

  3. I’d take Suh, much less risk! If they end up picking Clausen you should renounce your Rams fan identity…

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