Hull City A.F.C. Tigers

Bryan and I are in the same boat right now when it comes to finding things to write about. When I read his most recent post he mentioned that he would be writing more about soccer and I figured I would try to jump on that bandwagon. Unfortunately for me, I don’t know much about soccer and this will be my first ever soccer post. Buckle your seatbelts because this could get a little rough. All I really know is that my favorite EPL team is Hull City, so I figured that would be a good place for me to start. Back in December I wrote this post about which team in each major (and one not-so-major) sporting league was my favoirte and why. In that post I revealed my newly found favorite EPL team to be Hull City. Well in the 2007-08 season they successfully made the promotion to the EPL for the first time in club history. Then last year (2008-09) they avoided relegation, edging out Newcastle United by just one point. Unfortunately, this year it looks like they’re going to need something similar to happen in order to, once again, evade the fate of being relegated.

28 games into the 38-game season, Hull City is currently ranked 18th out of 20 (NB: the bottom three teams get relegated to The Football League Championship) with just five wins, nine draws and 14 losses. Ouch. That gives us 24 points in the league standings, which actually ties us for 17th with the Wolverhampton Wanderers. Though if I understand it correctly the tie-breaker is goal difference (goals scored minus goals allowed) which unfortunately Hull City ranks last in, with a -33 goal differential. On top of this crummy news, my favorite player, Jozy Altidore hasn’t played well at all. It’s been over a month since he’s scored his last goal, and actually he hasn’t even had a shot on goal since then. Stephen Hunt is our leading goal scorer with six, which is odd, because he’s listed as a defender on ESPN, but Wikipedia says he’s a midfielder. Either way he’s scored six goals, and the next most on the team is three. To give you something to guage just how bad that is, the league leader is Wayne Rooney of Manchester United with 23 goals. Our entire team has only scored 26 all season.

Here’s a run down on some team stats:

Wins: 5 (tied for last in the league)

Losses: 14 (tied for fourth most in the league)

Goals scored : 26 (tied for 17th in the league)

Goals allowed: 59 (second most in the league)

Goal difference: -33 (last in the league)

Points: 24 (tied for 17th in the league)

Avg Attendance: 24,289 (15th in the league)

Red Cards: 4 (Tied for third most in the league)

Yellow Cards: 50 (Tied for fourth most in the league)

Fair Play Points: 58 (Tied for fourth most in the league – NB: this is just #of yellow cards plus two times the number of red cards)

In short, we really just aren’t that good, but as I mentioned before this is only our second year in the league, so the focus now is to actually stay in the league and avoid relegation. The silver lining, and final ray of hope (as small as it may be) is that we play exponentially better at home than we do when we travel and six of our final ten games are home games. All five of our wins have been home games and we actually have a winning record at home this year with only three losses and five draws. Our away record isn’t near as good, with no wins, four draws and 11 losses. Our remaining schedule looks like this (home games are bold):




Stoke City




Wigan Athletic


Aston Villa (make-up game)

 I believe we will beat Burnley and Sunderland at home, while getting the season’s only road win at Portsmouth. We will draw against Fulham, Stoke City, and Wigan Athletic. Leaving us to lose against Arsenal, Birmingham, Liverpool and Aston Villa. This would give us 8 wins, 12 draws and 18 losses at the end of the season, which is 36 points. I believe this will be enough to jump Wolverhampton and save ourselves from relegation.

Let me know what you think in the comments.

6 Responses

  1. I love this.

  2. I can’t say I’m into soccer, or even know how the points work. So if your knowledge is questionable, then mine must be unnformed :) You’re right though, there’s not a ton to write about. I even put up a post on boxing! My first ever!

  3. This goes to show you can always learn something new about something else. Good post.

  4. […] to with the hope of finding some inspiration. I thought about writing a post similar to the one I wrote about Hull City a couple weeks ago, but about the St. Louis Blues or Baltimore Orioles instead. Not feeling awake […]

  5. A good three points for your lot this weekend, but don’t look too deeply into this as the victory was against mid-table Fulham who benched over half their first team to keep them fresh for a Europa cup tie in mid-week.

    Burnley lost thanks to a pathetic refereeing decision and West Ham lost their 6th in a row so are now level on points with Hull but with a better goal difference. Don’t believe all that newspaper hype about people wanting west ham to stay up. They don’t. They cheated 2 years ago and managed to escape a points deduction because they have a lot of friends in high places (and a lot of journalists as supporters). Hammers, the world (except Wednesday fans) wants you DOWN.

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