Early Spring Doldrums

Now that the Olympics are over, I’m sort of in a funk.  Usually this period lasts from the Super Bowl until Opening Day of Baseball season so this year is a little more kind.  But not by much.

I know there’s still hockey, but even that doesn’t do it.  The Blues played last night and don’t play again until Thursday.  What do I do with my time between now and then?  College basketball?  No.  NBA?  Absolutely not.  I’d rather stick forks in my eyes before I watch basketball.  I’ve tried to get into it and I just can’t.  I gave up trying last year.

If I didn’t have Fox Soccer Channel, I’d probably go insane.

So how am I going to fill the time between now and the glorious beginning of baseball season?  I don’t know, either, but I’m going to make something up to finish out this post.

First and foremost, the Blues.  I just ordered a David Backes third jersey which should arrive tomorrow so I’ll spend about three days staring at that.  The Blues look like they’re going to be in another dogfight for the playoffs so each game will have some playoff intensity.  Mediacom and Fox Sports have finally put aside whatever they were squabbling about and started showing all the games which is good.  I really got sick of calling them every time they just showed a black screen for three hours.

Second is going to be soccer.  Lots of soccer.  The US Men’s Team doesn’t play again until May 25th, so I’ll be excited about watching sports again at that point.  Until then, the focus won’t be so much on the field, instead it will be about making sure our players are healthy.  During their March 3rd exhibition against Holland, the US was missing their best defender, Oguchi Onyewu; their best midfielder, Clint Dempsey; another midfielder, Ricardo Clark; and forward Charlie Davies all due to various injuries.  Then during the match, center midfielder Stuart Holden was subbed off after fracturing a bone in his lower leg.  (The US Soccer website says it was his “fibia”, so I don’t know which bone it really is.)  These players, especially Dempsey and Onyewu, are going to be crucial to the US’s chances come June in South Africa.

If things are like they were today, I probably won’t be inside much over the next few weeks.  It was very nice and a sunny 61 degrees so we were able to get a softball game going.  If it swoops back down into the 30s, I won’t be happy and I won’t go outside.

I’m going to play lots of video games.  I took Thursday and Friday of last week off just to try and catch up on some sleep after the Olympics.  I ended up playing lots and lots of Fifa.  That and Madden are the two games that can suck me in for hours.  Actually, NHL does it, too.  Okay, fine, all sports games do it.

I’ll probably watch lots of movies.  While ESPN shows a bunch of free throw shooting contests basketball games, I’ll have to find something else to do with my time.  I’m sure I’ll do plenty of movie perusing during this down time.  In fact, I’m watching the Oscars right now.  I’m not even enjoying this.

I’m sure I will fill out a bracket or two.  Mostly because my Mom refuses to allow me to be her son if I don’t, but it’s kind of fun for the first two rounds.  Then we don’t get any upsets and it’s back to boring.  I do enjoy watching a 13 seed upset a 4 seed.  Watching a 3 seed upset a 1 seed?  Not interesting.

So that’s it.  That’s how I’ll fill my time until ESPN decides to pay attention to real sports.  I’m not happy about it, but that’s what I’ll be doing.

5 Responses

  1. Blues game on the 21st. Looking forward to that. Until then, get outside. The weather has been wonderful. Glad to have you back.

  2. Not much of a soccer or hockey fan, but I do love the World Cup. If you like sports games you might want to try Fight Nights round 4. It’s a solid boxing game, aside from the training games being impossible… I saw Alice and Wonderland yesterday, SICK movie! A must see!

    • I’ve never owned a boxing game past Super Punch Out. I figure no game will ever match that one so I don’t want to try.

      I’m sure I’ll see Alice in Wonderland eventually, just to see how weird it is. I did see Shutter Island on Saturday which I really enjoyed. It wasn’t scary, but it was as creepy as they come.

  3. […] and I are in the same boat right now when it comes to finding things to write about. When I read his most recent post he mentioned that he would be writing more about soccer and I figured I would try to jump on that […]

  4. Keepin it old school! Well in the most recent Fight Nights they brought back Tyson… I want to check out Shutter Island, I heard a few people tell me it’s good! Glad your back and writing again!

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