Bryan’s Olympic Return

Alright, the Olympic Winter Games are over and I have returned home to the great state of Missouri.  It’s not quite as exciting as Whistler, BC, but it’s going to be Spring soon and that’s enough to keep me around.

I tried to keep notes on things that happened around the Games as they happened just for my own amusement later.  I came home with about 30 pages of notes.  I have no idea how to transform those notes in post form; there are just too many of them.  I’ll try to hit up some of the highlights and then if anyone has any questions, you can just leave a comment and I’ll answer the best I can.

My job while I was there was to make sure media members made it from the airport to their hotels on Whistler Mountain and then to make sure they caught their bus down to the airport again after the Games.  It’s a whole lot more in depth than that, but in oversimplified terms, that’s what I did.  Obviously media members were not arriving and departing during the Games, so I went to Whistler Creekside and looked after the Corporate Sponsors there.

As you might imagine, I met people from all over the globe.  Estonians, Latvians, Swedes, Norwegians, Aussies (tons of them), Brits, French, Finnish…Pretty much, if it’s a country where there might be a winter Olympian, I met someone from there which was really neat.

I got to watch some of the skiing events, which was something I’ve never gotten to do before.  It was kind of odd, though, because you watched a big screen with the skier on it and then everyone would start ringing their cowbells right before he or she would come into view.  Then you’d see the skier for about five seconds before he’d cross the finish line.  I’m not sure I’d pay money for that, given the chance.

I met Lindsey Vonn’s mom and Ted Ligety’s mother, grandmother, and little brother.  They were all very nice.  Someone in Vonn’s group carried around a sign that said “Welcome to VONNcouver”  which was clever.  I went to Vonn’s medal ceremony because I had the credentials to get in and I wanted to see one.  After she got her medal, Our Lady Peace played so I stayed around for that.  That was a good day.

Most of the media members I met were excited to be there, however, I did come across some Austrians who wanted my head.  I was in charge of making sure they were picked up at their hotels and brought to the bus in order to get to the airport on time.  Unfortunately, whoever scheduled the buses neglected to send me a bus at that time.  I ended up standing in the rain for an hour with irate Austrians waiting for a bus.  At one point, they had me encircled and were all shouting at me at once.  There wasn’t much I could do, though.  I do hope someone got yelled at for that.

Again, I have 30 pages worth of stuff.  I can’t possibly write a post about it all.  If you have any questions at all, just leave a comment.


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  1. Sounds like fun! Glad you made it back. I can’t see myself wanting to pay to see the skiing. I guess it would be cool to sit by one of the jumping areas, but wishing for people to fall probably isn’t right. Did you see any curling? I couldn’t belive how intense the stadium crowd was when I watched it on TV…

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