Fan Mock Draft – Sign Up

Alright folks, now that the NFL Combine is over we’re going to focus our attention on the Draft… More than we already do that is.

We’re going to be doing an upcoming fan mock draft that will be similar to the one we did last year. You, the reader, can get involved. We’ll be looking for a fan of each team to take over their drafting duties. All you need to do is send an email to with your name, age, and a brief description of why you should be drafting for your team. It doesn’t have to be long, just a little something so we know a bit about you. It will be first come, first serve, so contact us early to make sure you get your team.

We’ll be starting it shortly after the compensatory picks have been assigned and when the times comes for you to be on the clock you’ll send us an email with your pick and we’ll post it up here and the next team will be on the clock. You’ll have to check in here frequently to see who is off the board and who is still available.

The first two teams have already been claimed, since we are the ones who write the blog. I’ll be handling the Colts and Bryan will take the Rams. So send an email to and get your team.

We will update the list below as teams get claimed:

Team – Representative

Arizona Cardinals – Russ

Atlanta Falcons – Vince

Baltimore Ravens – Jonathan

Buffalo Bills – Gary

Carolina Panthers – Alex

Chicago Bears – Jet

Cincinnati Bengals – Tim

Cleveland Browns – Gregory

Dallas Cowboys – Ross

Denver Broncos – Matt

Detroit Lions – Steve S.

Green Bay Packers – Alan

Houston Texans – Chris

Indianapolis Colts – Weller

Jacksonville Jaguars – Unclaimed

Kansas City Chiefs – Loyd

Miami Dolphins – Jason

Minnesota Vikings – Nathan

New England Patriots – Brian P.

New Orleans Saints – Kevin

New York Giants – Michael W.

New York Jets – Jayson

Oakland Raiders – Brian C.

Philadelphia Eagles – Caleb

Pittsburgh Steelers – Unclaimed

San Diego Chargers – Unclaimed

San Francisco 49ers – Frank

Seattle Seahawks – Duncan

St. Louis Rams – Bryan

Tampa Bay Bucs – Tony

Tennessee Titans – Not unclaimed…

Washington Redskins – Michael S.

8 Responses

  1. […] on March 6, 2010 by colts18 I first need to bring to your attention the fact that we are planning our interactive fan mock draft, where we will be looking for you, the readers, to represent your favorite team. To see what teams […]

    • Why don’t you break your respondents down into the NFL Conferences and Divisions. That way we can see what teams are left out there as orphans?

  2. My name is Loyd Needham.I am 56 years old and live in Abilene Ks.I’ve been a Chiefs fan since I was a kid.I have an open mind so I am not opposed to thinking out of the box if I have to,but I also know that the Chiefs are at least two maybe three great drafts away from contending.I have played fantasy football since 1979 so I’m no beginner to drafting or football.My philosophy for making the Chiefs a contender is building the defense and o-line first and I do realize that there are 3-4 players and 4-3 players.I hope you will chose me .If not thank you.

  3. Frank bettter draft Spiller, for the niners. oh yea, and Iupati would be nice 2!

  4. Bollocks, Too late this year. Go for it Duncan whoever you are. In theory you don’t need a WR as we drafted Crabtree last year. I also picked up a decent OG and Safety although Alex Mack has been a bit disappointing in round 2 (Unger had already gone). No left tackle though.

    I was tempted to sign in as Al Davis and claim to be an Raider but I see even they have a fan. If you get stuck for someone to pick for the last 2 or 3 sides let me know, as I’d love to take part again even if it is for the London Jaguars. Move the franchise to the UK and they wouldn’t need Tebow to put bums on Seats (and actually, I’m not sure that would work quite the same over here).

    • Ah Tim, I was looking for your email address but I think Weller has it and he’s out of town. Duncan is also a Hawks fan from the UK and he seems to have a good grasp on things. If we are lacking a team, you’ll be first on our list to represent them. Sorry we weren’t able to contact you.

  5. […] like to give my strategy for the upcoming draft.  This might give away my picks for the upcoming Fan Mock Draft, but I have the #1 pick and a few back up […]

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