Weller is back

Well as many of you have noticed the amount of material being posted has dropped off significantly these past two weeks. Well the weekend of the Super Bowl couldn’t have really gone any worse for me. Not only did my Colts, that I love so much, lose to the Saints in the Super Bowl itself, but my computer also got a wicked bad virus. I’m not talking the kind where a little bubble pops up in the lower right hand corner of your screen and then you casually run your virus scanner and it’s a done deal. I’m talking an attacking virus that aggressively went after my entire operating system. Not good.

That weekend was basically torture. There were a few cherries on top to add to the misery of the Colts losing and my computer getting a virus, so in the end I felt like Han Solo in Cloud City…

It was  Super Bowl Sunday and I had woken up significantly earlier than I normally do on Sundays. So I was sitting at my computer reading up on some last minute previews and whatnot about the game while watching the pregame shows on ESPN when one of those pesky little bubbles popped up in the lower right hand corner of my screen saying I had a virus. Well I went to my desktop, ran AVG (my anitvirus program) and even ran CCleaner just for good measure. I went on reading articles and watching TV. A few minutes later another bubble appears. My reaction: gah, how annoying. I just want to enjoy my Super Bowl Sunday and these stupid little virus bubbles keep popping up.

Aggravated, I go back to my desktop and double-click on the AVG icon to run the antivirus again. Instead of opening the program, and little window pops up saying something along the lines of “this program could not be run because…” and went on to explain in some technical jargon what the problem was. This simply translated to me as “Uh oh.”

Being the clever and cunning guy that I am, I thought I could outsmart this virus. Bad move. I jumped back onto Firefox and went to the AVG website, thinking that I would download the antivirus program again in hopes that the virus only attacked the one I already had, not the one I would be downloading. Well it downloaded and I tried to run the program. Same error message as before. So what was my next move? Well clearly the most logical thing to do was to turn my computer off and then turn it back on, because for whatever reason that seems to be the magical solution for any problem involving technology. Car makes a funny sound when you start it up? Turn it off and turn it back on. Cell phone starts acting funny? Turn it off and turn it back on. TV gets a weird line running across the screen? Turn it off and turn it back on. Your printer won’t print? Turn it off and turn it back on. Why this seems to be the instinctive reaction to problems with technology, I have no idea, but it seems to work a good handful of the time so I tried it with my computer.

After the computer boots back up I immediately try to run AVG again. No dice. Then CCleaner. No dice. Firefox? No dice. Then I tried to open a word file. Nada. This is when I finally conceded that I was SOL. I shut my computer off again, disconnected it from the internet and took out my external hard drive that I now wish I had backed up more files onto. Being the recklessly optimistic person that I am I thought to myself that ok, this is bad, but maybe I’m getting a lot of bad luck because the unknown, magical luck-distributors are shorting me on good luck now to save it up for me so the Colts will win tonight and fortune will smile down upon me.


Well as you know, that didn’t happen and I now hate these non-existent luck distributors for jumping me, beating me up in public, laughing at me, taking my lunch money and then kicking me a few more times while I was down.

Either way, to complete the story, I went to a Super Bowl party that night, nursing a few cold-as-the-Rockies “adult beverages” during the game. After the game ended, however, I increased the rate at which I was consuming “adult beverages.” So the next morning I woke up and went to class wearing pajama pants, Tennessee house slippers, and the Peyton Manning jersey that I had passed out in. And let me stop to reiterate here, I did indeed make it to all three of my classes the next day. Heck, I even gave a presentation in my Sports Management class and had it voted (by the class) as one of the top three in the class. I even took relatively good notes in my Chemistry class. I even had one of the professors tell me they were impressed I made it to class. So I’m tipping my hat to myself, because I looked and felt like hell, had a massive hangover, and a horrible headache (I actually wore sunglasses for the entire day, even inside because the lights did not help the throbbing in my brain) but I was there.

Well the point of saying all that was because I didn’t get around to trying to do anything about my computer until the following day when I gave my computer to a friend of a friend, who fixes these types of problems for a living. He had it for a few days and that Friday I swung by to see him on my way to class and he told me that he had dealt with countless viruses like mine before but that he had never seen one that was so aggressive. He said that everything he tried to do was countered by the virus actively fighting back. It got to the point where the computer wouldn’t even start up anymore. We’d try to start it up and it would just give us one of those black screens with some gray writing on it.

A screen similar to this is all that would appear.

He told me that the only option was to completely wipe my computer clean, reinstall the operating system and start from scratch so that’s what I had him do. It was either that or buy a completely new computer, and I don’t have the money for the second option, so start from scratch it was.

I had forgotten just how raw it meant my computer would be by “starting from scratch.” It’s a desktop computer but I use wireless internet which means I needed a driver for the wireless card that I had installed a couple years ago. I wasn’t sure if I had the CD that came with the wireless card when I bought it or not, and even if I did still have the CD it would most certainly be back in Kansas at my parents house, not here in Tennessee with me. So I needed to download the driver off the internet to access the internet. See how awesome of a Catch-22 that is? Oh and by awesome, I mean not awesome at all.

It wasn’t a big deal though, I downloaded the driver elsewhere and put it on a flash drive brought it back to my computer and installed it. Unfortunately I then had to also find, download and install the drivers for my graphics card, sound card, and the motherboard itself. In addition to this I had to download Firefox again, iTunes, AVG, CCleaner, VLC Media Player, and a few other programs. I lost all my settings for everything, all my bookmarks and shortcuts and even all my stats and playlists in iTunes. It’s been a mess trying to get everything back to normal. It wasn’t until this past Friday (so two days ago) that I finally got the internet back and then yesterday was when I sat down and tried to get all of my setting and whatnot back to normal and so it’s today that my attention finally turned to WaB again.

I had to deal with all this on top of classes and starting a new job, so these last two weeks have been kinda crazy, but have no fear I have a few ideas for upcoming posts. The mock drafts will be back as well as the Friday 5 posts. I don’t normally have a whole lot to write about this time of year anyhow, but I’ll come up with something and as always suggestions and requests are more than welcome.

9 Responses

  1. Glad you are back, Wellerman. We really did miss you.

  2. Hope your fan base isn’t dead now…some suggestions:

    OLYMPICS! (duh, haha)

    Hockey–though they’re on a break until after the olympics

    English League Soccer–still happening

    College Basketball (March Madness is coming up)

    Baseball- Spring Training is very soon

    Super Bowl commercials (though I suppose it’s a little dated)

    Women’s College Basketball…HAHAHAHAHA nevermind!

    Hope this helps a little. Looking forward to more posts! :)

  3. Man, that sounds like quite a rough internet patch. I recently caught a virus that messed up my computer pretty bad. I decided to go with buying a new one since it was going to cost about $200 to fix a three year old computer… Fortunately, I have enough to just buy a new one, so I didn’t have to go through the ordeal you did. I recommend getting a external hard drive. It saved me from losing my music, pictures, and important crap. Well worth the investment! Glad to hear you’re back though!

  4. You know what your story really reminded me of? fml.com

  5. I know you guys think I don’t read this, but I do and I missed you!

    They did a big news story about viruses that eat computers (like the one you had) on the news here the other day. Scares the daylights out of me.

  6. I definitely found it AS entertaining as fml.com! Solid stuff!

  7. I’m going to start writing for you if you don’t update soon. Lame Weller. Lame.

    Some more topics:

    College softball (yes there are personal motives…Mizzou is 4th and about to move up to 3rd)

    College Baseball…to balance out the softball

    Paralympics will begin soon (don’t know anything about it really but it’s another suggestion)

    LT’s crying speech

    Saying goodbye to athletes lost in 2009 (dated…again)

    Saying hello to potential draftees (you could predict where you think they’ll go or whatever)

    NASCAR I think has some stuff going on…??

    Tribute to the best sports movies of all time

    Ok now seriously…I can write you a blog on every topic I’ve offered (some may take more research than others but still…) Now get writing!!! :)

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