Friday 5 – Play-By-Play Announcers

Alright, we have our first ever Friday 5 from Mr. Wright, who you all may remember from his weekly posts that I put up during the NFL season, with both his Bettor’s Guides and the Power Rankings. He did a top five Play-By-Play announcers list on his site, and told me I should feel free to re-post it over here. So here it is:

My Top 5 Play-By-Play Announcers Of All-Time
M.D. Wright

***EDITOR’S NOTE: New series of favorites — as we move up to the broadcast booth and pick the favorites there.

Mind you, I am not excluding the Tom Brookshires and Don Criquis of the world, but I can only speak on the 25+ years that I have been watching sports. So I will stick with what I know and not who I’ve only HEARD ABOUT.

Without further adieu, here is my Top 5 Favorite Play-By-Play Announcers of All-Time (that is, 1979-Present ha). Also, this list is about guys I’ve actually listened to regularly or nearly daily on local stations or during network TV. Guys like Vin Scully, who I’ve only heard call 30+ games and other legends like that are not being ignored, I am doing this for the purposes of highlighting the guys who I actually hear most — and not agreeing with everyone who likes to do a Who’s Who list of icons and legends in the broadcasting booth. Continue reading

2010 NFL Mock Draft XIII (01/29)

It’s been just over a week since my last mock draft so I figure it’s that time again. Unlike the last few however, I will not be taking into account the input from the commenters on the last mock. Instead I will start over fresh with this one, and I will start taking the comments into account again with the next mock draft. The draft order is essentially set now except for who will pick 31st and who will pick 32nd. There are a few other things that need to be sorted out, but this covers it. To see how things have progressed with my 2010 mock drafts take a look back at IIIIIIIVVVI, VII, VIII, IX, X, XI, and XII. Here is the thirteenth installment: Continue reading

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