Some Olympic Hardware

Earlier today, I got curious and looked up what the medals for the upcoming Olympics would look like.  What I found was way more in-depth than I wanted, but I read all the articles and watched all the videos anyway.  Apparently these medals are wrought with symbolism.  Something about some whales and stuff, I don’t really remember.  Anyway, I thought they looked a whole lot better than the medals from Turin four years ago.

After I was satisfied with the medals from Vancouver, I went back on a pictorial walk through past Winter Olympic medals and figured I’d share them with you all.


From left to right: 1988 Games in Calgary, 1992 Games in Albertville, and 1994 Games in Lillehammer

All the medals shown above were won by Maurilio De Zolt, an Italian cross-country skiier.  The two on the left are actually silver medals while the one on the right is gold.

A set of medals from the 1998 Games in Nagano

I’m a fan of these medals.  I kind of like how it’s not solid throughout, but it’s a good change of pace.

A set of medals from 2002 Games in Salt Lake City

These are alright.  They kind of return to the old school style.  They look more like 1930s medals than 2002 but sometimes it’s good to get back to the roots of the games.  Especially when the next games goes with these babies:

A set of medals from the 2006 Games in Turin

Ugh. I mean…not really a whole lot of planning in these.  A hole in the middle and some lines on the outside?  I’m sure there’s some symbolism and it means something special, but…no.  Just no, guys.  Not good.

Now we’ve come to the medals that they’ll be handing out in about two weeks.  I like them.  They are actually a whole lot like the 2006 medals except there’s not a gaping hole in the middle.  Instead, they’re wavy which symbolizes the ocean that Vancouver is built next to.  Check them out:

A set of medals from the Games in Vancouver in 2010

This view highlights their unorthodox shape

How about you, fair commenters?  Do you like them?  Not like them?  Think the medals from 2006 are the greatest thing since Tim Tebow cried on national TV…again?  Let me hear it below.

4 Responses

  1. Honestly, if I had the ability, I would take ANY Olympic medal.

  2. Having seen and held an Olympic Silver medal, I was surprised at how much it did not represent the effort that it took to earn it. I was a little underwhelmed by the medal itself. It looked like it was old and worn out. A very large oversized coin.

    I would be afraid that the 2010 medals’ artwork will wear down over time as well.

    Nice pictures of the medals though.

  3. I have to say I like the 2002 medals the most. There’s something about the vintage style that gets me. It’s like when pro teams wear the throw back uniforms, I always like them more than the current ones.

    I do like the Vancouver ones. I really like how they are rippled. It’s something out of the ordinary!

  4. I like the Vancouver ones. Took me a minute to realize they’re rippled and not weird-shaped. Ha. I think I would have liked the Torino ones more if they didn’t have a big donut hole in them – but then again, I like that the ribbon goes THROUGH the medal instead of off a little hanger at the top… something about order, or things like that. That appeals to me about the Vancouver medals, too – no hangy-thing to thread the ribbon through.

    I also like the Nagano medals – they have a splash of color! Oh… heck… I just like them all. They’re medals. And that makes them cool.

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