New York Jets at San Diego Chargers

We’re up to part eight of this 11-part series for the NFL Playoff previews. It’s hard to believe there will only be three more games (after this one) in the NFL season.

Cowboys at Vikings

Ravens at Colts

Cardinals at Saints

Packers at Cardinals

Ravens at patriots

Eagles at Cowboys

Jets at Bengals

I believe this will be a much better game than most people expect it to be. This New York Jets team is fired up and they have a great defense, a great running game and a rookie quarterback with a ton of potential. I also believe that they have both a better offensive line and defensive line than the Chargers do. I also feel like the Chargers are a streaky team, they also always seem to start the season poorly then get hot and they haven’t won their first playoff game after a bye since 1994. So if people want to talk about rest vs rust for the Colts then they need to start taking a closer look at the Chargers. I’m not saying I’m predicting the Jets to win just yet, but I’m also not ruling it out. I always make these predictions after I’ve written the entire post, so that I have all the research fresh in my head when I decide so we’ll see where my thoughts take me then. I just simply wanted to point out that everyone seems to be writing off the Jets, thinking they’ll get blown out of the water by the Chargers. So let’s pump the breaks and see what we can expect out of this game. Continue reading

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