I considered not posting about this until tomorrow.  I had every intention of putting up the third Rookie Review tonight but then word came down that Lane Kiffin was bolting from Tennessee to Southern California.

I’m just shocked that this happened.  Lane Kiffin had me believing that he actually cared about Tennessee and about Tennessee football.  Obviously, he is a liar.  He lied to recruits, he lied to their parents, he lied to fans, he lied to everyone.  I hope he never wins another football game again.  Ever.

I was going to impose a 24 hour rule on myself so I might not be quite as angry while posting this.  Then I watched this:

These three traitors deserve what they get.  I hope USC gets the death penalty.  I know they won’t, but they should at least be put on probation for quite a while which should sit well with Kiffin since he had several run-ins with the NCAA during his short tenure on Rocky Top.

Down the road, I may look at this as a good thing.  If we can hire someone with a proven track record with Tennessee ties (Jon Gruden!) then this is a blessing in disguise.

If not…well then he set the program back several years.  I haven’t seen someone go from hero to goat so quickly in my life.

I don’t have much else to say, I guess.  Kiffin had better not set foot in the state of Tennessee as long as he lives.  In fact, he should probably just stay west of the Mississippi.  Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go pull this big orange knife out of my back.

Update: Pat Forde sums it all up right here.

Update #2:  As he tends to do, Ghost at 3sib says everything I just tried to in many more words.  It’s seriously like he’s been reading the conversation between Weller and myself and he just turned it into an article.  He’s good, that guy.

7 Responses

  1. I think you mean cardinal and gold knife.

  2. Not good. Just passionate. And hurt.

    • Ghost, you are being too modest, my friend. You wrote everything that I was thinking and you did it much better than I could. You are passionate and hurt, but you are also very good at what you do.

  3. This hurts in so many ways I can’t even begin to voice it. I never thought I could hate a team more than Florida. Guess what…
    Thank God they are not in the SEC.

  4. The funniest part about all of this is that when Al Davis called him a liar, he was completely right! Within months of his hiring at Tennessee, I was pumped he was no longer the Raiders coach. I’m not a big fan of USC like MCeezy, but am sad that I’ll have to read and hear about his antics now that he’s close by again. DAMN!

  5. […] January we learned that He Who Must Not Be Named was cowardly running to USC after one unspectacular year in Knoxville.  I didn’t think I could hate anyone more than Tim […]

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