Peyton Manning Gets 4th MVP

This is huge. Peyton got his record setting fourth NFL regular season MVP award. It’s reported that he got 39.5 of the 50 total votes. Drew Brees was second with 7.5, Philip Rivers got two and Brett Favre got one and Chris Johnson got none. This is huge. Nobody in NFL history has ever won this award four times and Peyton still has a whole lot of good years left in front of him. It’s not out of the question for him to win this award two more times, and I’d actually be surprised if he didn’t get one more.

Peyton received this honor for the first time in 2003 then won it again in 2004. Last year he won his third for the 2008 season and repeated again winning it this year in 2009. That’s four NFL MVP awards in seven seasons. And if we’re being honest he should have won it in 2005 over Shaun Alexander, but many believe the voters wanted someone new to win it rather than Peyton getting three in a row. That year Alexander received 19 votes and Peyton had 13. That’s pretty dang close.

Either way, congratulations to Peyton Manning for being the best football player ever.


To read more about it, here is an article from Paul Kuharsky of ESPN, who I might add is a Titans fan, which means his favorite team is a division rival of Peyton and the Colts.

And here is a link to the Associated Press article about it.

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  1. Ever…amen.

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