Congratulations to Alabama

I’m sure much ink will be spilled about Colt McCoy’s injury and how it affected the outcome of tonight’s National Championship Game.  I don’t really want to do that, though it’s very similar to a championship boxing match being stopped in the first round.  Garret Gilbert did a great job in McCoy’s absence but the game was already over.  It didn’t help that Texas’ wide receivers couldn’t catch anything.

If I’m being completely truthful, I flipped over to the Blues game just before halftime.  Blues-Ducks was much more interesting than Tide-Horns for me.  Anyway, congratulations to the Tide.  They stopped the media crush on Tim Tebow, so I can’t hate them too much.

3 Responses

  1. It was a great win for Alabama and a vindication of Saban and his antics down in Miami with the Dolphins.
    At the end of the day in terms of theatrics , it was merely an average national championship and not really much to write home about.

    Let me know what you think as to the following two pieces ? In order to view just click on the links shown.

    Your Thoughts On This NFL Season Surprises None Surprise And If Any Exceeded Your Expectations ?

    The State of Play What Irks You About Sports At Present … ?

    As and when you’re ready I’ll look forward to reading your comments.

    Alan Parkins aka tophatal ‘the ex-pat Brit ‘

  2. I, too, stopped watching in the 3rd quarter. The excuses will fly but the defense on both sides kept this a game. Without McCoy, game was predictable. Too bad. I would have liked to have seen the game with both teams in top form. No excuses.

  3. So let’s get this straight… I come back from skiing in Breckenridge for four days and the first two posts I read on the site are two that I hate and they were both posted on my birthday?



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