Draft Update – End of the Regular Season Edition

Well, the Jets emphatically clinched their playoff bid and left the Texans in the unenviable position of the best first team out of the playoffs.  Jacksonville and Chicago finished with the exact same records, same opponent records, same division records, but Chicago’s conference record was 5-7, while Jacksonville’s was 6-6.  That means Chicago will pick ahead of Jacksonville in the draft.  Of course, when I say Chicago, I mean Denver because the Bears traded away their first round pick to the Broncos as part of the Jay Cutler trade.  Got it?

The big winners (or losers) on the day:

The Rams – They locked up the #1 spot with their loss to the 49ers.

The Seahawks – The Hawks lost to the Titans, plus they already have Denver’s 1st round pick via trade and they lost to the lowly Chiefs.  That gives them the 6th and 14th picks overall.  Had things gone the other way?  They’d have the 8th and 21st picks.

The Buccaneers – Because the Chiefs won today, the Bucs have sole possession of the 3rd pick in each round.  Had the Chiefs lost, they would be in the 3rd spot and would most likely take Eric Berry who the Bucs covet, plus, they would have to alternate the 3rd and 4th pick in each round.

The big losers on the day:

The Chiefs – While the thrashing of the rival Broncos may have looked good on the field, it didn’t help anything off of it.  With the win, the Chiefs dropped from the 3rd pick to the 5th pick behind the Bucs and Redskins.  This will likely take them out of the running for the aforementioned Berry and Russell Okung, who the Skins could take.

The Texans – Houston beat New England today, giving them a shiny 9-7 record but no playoff appearance.  They will be picking 20th overall instead of 14th, which they would have been had they lost the game.

The 49ers – They beat the Rams without trying, which leaves them in 13 spot.  Had they lost the game, they would have the pleasure of picking 10th.  They also own the Panthers first rounder, who did a number on the suddenly reeling Saints.  Had Carolina lost, the 49ers would also own the 13th pick, not the 16/17th like they do now.

Also, for the record, the Rams could have won today’s gave and still walked away with the first pick.  At least now they don’t have to alternate with the Lions in the subsequent rounds.

Without further ado, here is the unofficial official draft order for the non-playoff teams:

Wins Losses Opp Win %
1 Rams 1 15 0.520
2 Lions 2 14 0.523
3 Bucs 3 13 0.559
4 Redskins 4 12 0.492
5 Chiefs 4 12 0.516
6 Seahawks 5 11 0.477
7 Browns 5 11 0.512
8 Raiders 5 11 0.543
9 Bills 6 10 0.516
10t Bears (Den) 7 9 0.496
11t Jaguars 7 9 0.496
12 Dolphins 7 9 0.559
13 49ers 8 8 0.477
14 Broncos (Sea) 8 8 0.527
15 Giants 8 8 0.531
16t Panthers (SF) 8 8 0.535
17t Titans 8 8 0.535
18 Steelers 9 7 0.488
19t Falcons 9 7 0.504
20t Texans 9 7 0.504
21 Jets 9 7 0.516
22 Ravens 9 7 0.523
23 Cardinals 10 6 0.445
24 Bengals 10 6 0.492
25 Patriots 10 6 0.516
26 Packers 11 5 0.441
27 Eagles 11 5 0.484
28 Cowboys 11 5 0.504
29 Vikings 12 4 0.441
30 Saints 13 3 0.426
31 Chargers 13 3 0.453
32 Colts 14 2 0.473

One Response

  1. Just to clarify, the playoff teams will have the final 12 picks which is a difference from the past couple years. They will pick in the order in which they are eliminated with the regular tie-breakers still in effect.

    For example: If the Jets, Patriots, Cowboys and Cardinals all lose next week, the Jets will get pick 21, Cardinals 22, Patriots 23, and Cowboys 24.

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