Draft Update – End of the Regular Season Edition

Well, the Jets emphatically clinched their playoff bid and left the Texans in the unenviable position of the best first team out of the playoffs.  Jacksonville and Chicago finished with the exact same records, same opponent records, same division records, but Chicago’s conference record was 5-7, while Jacksonville’s was 6-6.  That means Chicago will pick ahead of Jacksonville in the draft.  Of course, when I say Chicago, I mean Denver because the Bears traded away their first round pick to the Broncos as part of the Jay Cutler trade.  Got it?

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Draft Update – Week 17 (Late Game Edition)

Now that the late games are done or easily in hand, here is the up to the second draft update.

The Chiefs win has ruined their chance of getting Eric Berry as the Bucs will surely pick him up with the 3rd pick.  In fact, the Chiefs are now down below the Redskins who will probably snag Russell Okung without any problems.  Here is the order without the upcoming Jets-Bengals game:

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Draft Update – Week 17 (Early Game Edition)

The Rams have officially locked up the first pick in the draft thanks to another dismal performance.  Ndamukong Suh, come on down!  Anyway, here is the draft order after the early games.  I’ll put up a second one after the late games and maybe another about the Jets-Bengals game tonight.

Obviously, most of this will change after the late games.  I’m not going to figure out tie-breakers until after those games since they will probably change anyway.  The important part is that the Rams and Lions are locked in to the number 1 and 2 spots respectively.

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