2010 NFL Mock Draft X (12/30)

It’s been almost three weeks since my last mock draft. I realize that I had said I was going to start trying to do them every week but when the holiday season started it got a little difficult. Like last time I will be taking into account what the readers commented on with the last mock draft. As usual, I will be determining my draft order based off of Bryan’s awesome, weekly post that shows exactly what the draft order would be if the season were to end today. To see how things have progressed with my 2010 mock drafts take a look back at IIIIIIIVVVI, VII, VIII and IX. Here is the tenth installment:

# Team Player Pos School
1 St Louis Eric Berry FS Tennessee
2 Detroit Ndamukong Suh DT Nebraska
3 Kansas City Russell Okung OT Oklahoma State
4 Tampa Bay Gerald McCoy DT Oklahoma
5 Washington C.J. Spiller RB Clemson
6 Cleveland Dez Bryant WR Oklahoma State
7 Seattle Sam Bradford QB Oklahoma
8 Buffalo Jimmy Clausen QB Notre Dame
9 Oakland brandon spikes ILB florida
10 Denver* joe haden CB florida
11 San Francisco Taylor Mays FS USC
12 Jacksonville Brandon LaFell WR LSU
13 San Francisco** Bryan Bulaga OT Iowa
14 Tennessee Brandon Graham DE Michigan
15 Miami Rolondo McClain ILB Alabama
16 Pittsburgh Ricky Sapp OLB Clemson
17 Atlanta Patrick Robinson CB Florida State
18 Houston Syd’Quan Thompson CB California
19 Baltimore Trent Williams OG Oklahoma
20 NY Jets Dan Williams DT Tennessee
21 Seattle*** carlos dunlap DE florida
22 NY Giants Jared Odrick DT Penn State
23 Green Bay Charles Brown OT USC
24 Arizona Jerry Hughes OLB TCU
25 Cincinnati Mike Iupati OG Idaho
26 new england tim tebow QB florida
27 Dallas Corey Wootton DE Northwestern
28 Minnesota Derrick Morgan DE Georgia Tech
29 Philadelphia Greg Hardy DE Mississippi
30 San Diego Terrence Cody DT Alabama
31 New Orleans Anthony Davis OT Rutgers
32 Indianapolis Sean Weatherspoon OLB Missouri
* Chicago traded their first-round pick along with their 2009 first- and third-round selections, and quarterback Kyle Orton to Denver for quarterback Jay Cutler and a 2009 fifth-round selection.
** Carolina traded their first-round pick to San Francisco for San Francisco’s 2009 second-round selection (43rd overall, used to select Everette Brown) and their 2009 fourth-round selection (111th overall, used to select Mike Goodson).
*** Denver traded their first-round pick to Seattle for Seattle’s 2009 second-round selection (37th overall, used to select Alphonso Smith).

Now for a few comments:

  • Eric Berry is the #1 pick. I think that’s where he deserves to be drafted and I think he is more of a momentum-shifting, game-changing player than Suh. I actually do think the Rams should take Eric Berry (actually what I really think is that Eric Berry should come back for his senior year… I can dream, right?) because the Rams are second to last in the NFL in terms of opponents passer ratings, they’re 28th in yards per passing attempt allowed and have the fewest interceptions in the league… the only reason they aren’t worse in total passing yards and passing TDs allowed is because opponents get a big enough lead in the first quarter and just run the rest of the game. Only 463 pass attempts against them this year and 468 runs, which -don’t quote me on it but- is one of the worst ratios in the league (it’s at least in the bottom five)… and that’s despite the fact that they’ve played pass-happy teams (Colts, Saints, Texans, Cardinals, and I guess you could throw the Packers and Lions in there as well) so I truly think a guy like Eric Berry would be most beneficial for the Rams.
  • In the last couple mock drafts we have had comments from readers saying that neither Cleveland nor Washington should take a quarterback. So neither of them took a quarterback this time around, but instead taking skill position players. Hopefully the readers are happy with the picks.
  • Last time we had someone mention that Rolando McClain should be drafted ahead of brandon spikes. I agree with this statement 100% but as I said before, I think crazy Al Davis will take spikes.
  • There was a commenter last time, who I believe was a Denver fan, saying that the Broncos shouldn’t take a DE (dunlap) but instead take haden, McClain, Cody or Bryant. So this time the Broncos selected haden.
  • This leads to another comment asking why there were no corners in my last mock draft. Well this time there are three being taken. Ask and you shall receive… unless your request is just ridiculous.
  • The Dolphins drafted an OT in my last mock and someone pointed out that they have two OTs already signed to long-term deals so this time the Phins take McClain out of Alabama.
  • The Vikings take Derrick Morgan instead of Greg Hardy this time. I’ll be interested to hear people’s reaction to this.
  • And yes, I still have the patriots taking tim tebow. As I said last time, I am doing this for several reasons, the first of which is that I’ve seen it being done on at least two other mock drafts (here and here) and one of them was a site centered around the new england patriots draft. The other reason is because I would absolutely love to see this actually happen.
  • The Colts take Sean Weatherspoon out of Missouri this time, which is a pick I would absolutely love. I don’t think Weatherspoon should fall that far but he’s been severely underrated in my opinion and therefore it is likely that he will fall that far. I think he’s the best outside linebacker in the draft (especially for a 4-3 defense) but it doesn’t appear everyone agrees with me, which is perfectly fine if it ends up meaning that he’s wearing a speed blue jersey next year.

24 Responses

  1. I do not see Spiller going in the 5th slot. What if Berry does not go first to the Rams? How far does he fall?

  2. Interesting. I think Weird Al would take Dunlap over Spikes, but who knows with him?? Always a wild card….If you remember when Davis was called “The Genius”, you are pretty old, like me.
    Having followed the NFL draft for more years than I care to recollect, one thing I have noticed is, the closer you get to Draft Day & the more actual pro input there is, the more the OT’s move up the boards.
    If Tampa can garner either McCoy or Berry rd.1, I will be a happy camper.

  3. Very interesting draft a lot of thought was put into this one. I dissagree Patriots take Tebow if anything look at their past first round picks I think coach hoodie trades this for you guessed it a number 2 this year and a 3 next year. Draft loaded with day 1 and 2 picks. Don’t forget coach hoodie loves his tight ends I think if he could he would have a team full of them. Al Davis has hired a consultant this year his name is Matt Millen>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  4. Don’t listen to most of the Cleveland emailers. Most of the town is wearing a Brady Quinn #10 jersey and is pretty emotionally invested in the guy…and that’s just the male population. That doesn’t mean he isn’t a bust though.

    Either way, Holmgren will be looking for his QB that will fit his system. I doubt that’s BQ, but it may not be a round one guy either. I think Berry or Hayden are the front runners for the Browns at the moment. After QB, secondary is their biggest need.

  5. I really have a hard time seeing the Vikings pass on Terrance Cody. Derrick Morgan is an excellent pick too though which makes it difficult. In fact, Sean Weatherspoon would be a great pick as well.

    Personally, I would draft Bruce Campbell or Anthony Davis in this spot. Then I would try and trade McKinnie.

    One team I could see as a partner is the Raiders. The Raiders need an OT and he is only making about 4.6 next year and 4.9 the year after that (plus 2 more years at 4 mil or so after 2011). The point is they would get a proven OT who is making about half of what top OTs make. A second round pick and a fourth round pick should get it done IMO.

    Now why would I want to do this?

    The Vikings use the zone blocking scheme which is really not his strength so why waste him? I say get something for him while you can and before you will just have to release him and get nothing in return. Plus he really has reached his ceiling.

    It is kind of crazy, I know, but for one of these young studs, I would do it.

    Even if they do not trade McKinnie they could get one of these young stud OTs now while they are available. They could wait until later and pick up an OT but that would be rolling the dice too.

    The Vikings are kind of in a luxury position to do what they want and pick any position in the first round.

  6. Cleveland will not go QB. Holmgren will bring in a free agent or trade for someone like Philly’s Kevin Kolb. Cleveland needs to go defense, either LB or S. If Berry is not there, it may be Mays from USC.

    • Oddly, I was thinking the same thing about the Seahawks when Clausen was thrust upon us in the last draft. Kolb, though, is presumably someone that Phily value quite highly with McNabb on the wane. The price might be too high.

  7. I’m surprised that so many people have Tebow going in the first round, especially seeing as not many people see him as a regular starting QB in the NFL.

    That being said, if the Eagles (my team) do not pick up Vick’s option next year, I definitely see them taking a chance in the 1st or 2nd round on Tebow if he is available and use him like they are using Vick this year. I’m not quite sure how I would react to such a pick, but that is definitely something that the Eagles would do.

  8. there’s no way the rams don’t take clausen at one. that stupid damn saying is right *new regimes mean new quarterbacks* and the rams are probably scared to take bradford because of the injury history and his lack of arm strength. im not saying bradford is not a bad player but the rams need a quarterback real bad and clausen looks like the pick. and for washington i think they do need a back but they need o-line and if campbell leaves then a quarterback as well. browns will draft the best availible player on D but who knows if bradford is there maybe the browns will take him…or they’ll trade down if teams are desperate for a quarterback. and finally oakland will not take a player as good as spikes unless he runs a 4.3…i believe davis does his dumb pick of the draft and picks the overrated carlos dunlap or someone who runs the fastest at their position.

    • I’m saying there’s an 80% chance the Rams take Suh,
      19% chance they take Berry
      1% chance that we trade the pick.

    • Yes. Please could the Rams take Clausen at #1. That would be so sweet for the Seahawks (and everyone else with a pick in the top 8 or so).

      The logical thing would be for the Rams to trade to drop to about 4/5/6 where they’d still get their QB and some extra value. As usual though, it’s hard to find a suitable trading partner unless one of the top 6 is desperate for Berry/Suh.

  9. Well, being an avid Raiders fan. I hope we pick a QB for each of our first three rounds. Hell take Mccoy, Locker, and an unconventional one too for the hell of it. It couldn’t get much worse for us, all we really need to compete is a QB. I’m praying Al at least considers the let these guys duke it out method!

  10. […] that this organization was lacking since Mariucci left. The Rams desperately want to lock up the #1 overall pick. Tanking this game would give them just that. It’s hard to pick the Rams in any situation, but […]

  11. Yeah, I don’t think they have a draft strategy, it’s probably based on the face to face interview with Skeletor, err I mean Al Davis. I’d be shocked if the coach is even allowed to give his input!

  12. Are we doing another Fan draft this year ?

    • Hey Steve, we are planning on it. We learned from last year, so this year’s will be even better. Looks like I get the first pick this year and you’ll have to wait for #2.

    • I am looking for a few good men !! I have eyes for Eric Berry !

  13. No O-lineman for the Seahawks in this draft?
    I saw Iupati for the first time in Idaho’s wholly undeserved bowl victory against the mighty Bowling Green Falcons, and he seemed every bit as useful as billed. If he was still there at pick 21 we should have taken him but thanks to Kansas great win over the Broncos we’ve now got pick 6 and 14 and 38……Mind you, on this season’s performance, that probably isn’t enough.
    Count me in for the fan mock draft again please!

  14. […] so it’s time for a new one. As I have done with the past few I will be taking into account the input from the commenters on the last mock. As usual, I will be determining my draft order based off of Bryan’s awesome, […]

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