Draft Update – Week 16

Well, I’m home for the holidays.  That means no internet connection and very little if any phone service.  Southeast Missouri is a like a bomb shelter for these sorts of things.  Anyway, I’ve stolen someone else’s connection just long enough to bring you the penultimate Draft Update of the year.

Here’s the deal:  If the Rams lose, we get the top pick in every round.  If we win (HA) and the Lions lose, it will come down to opponent’s winning percentage, which for the moment, gives the Lions the edge.  That can and will certainly change after next week’s round of games.  Ndamukong Suh…get your blue and gold ready.

Click here to see how things have changed since last week.

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What does your team need to do to make the playoffs?

This post will be similar to all of the other posts I have done on this very topic. The only difference for this one is that I will have four categories (AI, COD, HAC, AO) instead of six. But I will still be laying out for each team what they need to do to make the playoffs, clinch their division, get a first-round bye, and/or get the #1 seed in their conference. First let’s layout what the NFL playoffs would look like if the season ended right now. Continue reading

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