Friday 5 – Saturday Edition! (Again)

Exactly three months ago -on September 26- Bryan did a Friday 5 on Saturday, helping pick up the slack from me being out of town and him not knowing that I wouldn’t be able to do the Friday 5 that week. Well this time around it’s me picking up the slack for Bryan. He went home for the holidays and the internet at his parent’s house is out. I knew this and therefore also knew he wouldn’t be able to write a Friday 5, but give me a break, it was Christmas. I wasn’t about to write a post any longer than the one that I did write.

That means we are having second ever special edition Friday 5, which simply means we didn’t get around to doing it on Friday and thus had to do it on Saturday. This special Saturday edition is going to be the top five NFL games this week based on how much they will have an impact on the playoff picture. Continue reading

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