When you believe in things that you don’t understand…

“Then you suffer; superstition ain’t the way.”

This post isn’t about “ladders bout’ to fall, thirteen month old baby, broke the lookin’ glass seven years of bad luck, the good things in your past” nor does it have to do with Stevie Wonder in any way whatsoever. It is however about superstition. To be more specific, superstition in sports. There are a lot of sports superstitions. Some tennis players avoid stepping on the court lines when changing sides. A lot of athletes put on the left (or right) shoe first every single time. Some change shoes in the middle of a game if they aren’t playing well. Not shaving when on a winning streak. Many professional bowlers feel they must wear the same outfit for an entire tournament (without washing it) no matter how long the tourney may be. Basketball players take a certain number of dribbles and have a pattern they do with the ball before free throws; volleyball players are similar when they serve. Tiger wearing red on Sundays. Rally caps, rally monkeys, not talking to pitchers during a perfect game, not talking to goalies during a shut out. Jordan always wearing UNC shorts under his actual uniform shorts. Gretzky always tucking one side of his jersey into his pants. Heck, John Henderson get hit in the face by a team trainer before every game until his mouth bleeds. There are tons and tons of them.

The athletes say it helps or hurts your luck, it’s a jinx or a curse, it gives you bad (or good) mojo, juju or karma. But is there any truth behind it? Continue reading

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