Weller’s Favorite Teams

Bryan and I were trying to come up with something for one of us to write tonight. Later this week I will be putting up a new mock draft and will be taking another look at the NFL playoff situation while Bryan will be putting up another one of his draft position posts, but tonight neither of us could come up with anything to write. With nothing else coming to mind I decided to lay out where my loyalties lie in each sport. I will briefly explain why each team is my favorite for that specific league and list a runner-up as well. This idea came to me because over the weekend I had stopped in Columbia, MO on my way from Knoxville back to my parents house for Christmas. On Saturday morning we watched a soccer game from the EPL (English Premiere League). After the game Bryan suggested that I pick an EPL team to be a fan of. I ended up settling on one and which team it is will be revealed later in this post. Let’s get started.

NCAA: The University of Tennessee Volunteers.

No surprises here. Everyone knows how big of a Tennessee fan I am. After all, I did move to Knoxville because I’m a Volunteer fan. The Orange is in my blood so I was born and raised to sing Rocky Top. My dad is a Tennessee Alum and brought me up right – to cheer for the boys (or girls – I show love for the Lady Vols too) in orange. The focal point of my love is for the football team, but don’t let that get you thinkin’ it’s the only sport I care about. I love all of the UT teams. From tennis to basketball, from track to golf, from swimming to football. I don’t care what it is, if Tennessee is competing in it then Go Big Orange!

Runner-up: I can’t really say I have a runner-up and if I did it would change depending on the sport. I like Oregon but that’s only because of their storied track and field program and because my friend, Scott Penny is a thrower for them. I like Iowa in football but primarily because I hate the rest of the Big TelevEN and my friend, Christian Ballard is one of their starting defensive linemen.

NFL: The Indianapolis Colts.

I wrote about my Colts fanhood a while back when we released Marvin Harrison but I’ll summarize it again here. I became a fan of the Colts when I was just a little kid and saw Marshall Faulk in a commercial that I thought was just flat out awesome and so I asked my dad what team he played for and my dad told me it was the Indianapolis Colts. Voilà! I was a Colts fan. At the time I didn’t exactly realize that I was pledging my allegiance to a 4-12 football team that would only average about six wins per season over the next half-decade but I’m glad I did. Since then the Colts have had ten seasons with double-digit wins, seven division titles, a Super Bowl win and Peyton Manning.

Runner-up: It’s hard to have a runner-up here as well. I’m so devoted to the Colts that in all other games I cheer for what will help them the most. If I have to pick one however it would probably be the Rams because I used to live in St. Louis and they’re in the NFC so the Colts hardly ever play them.

MLB: The Baltimore Orioles.

We started this experiment last year and I intend to go for round two this year. They have orange uniforms and fit into basically all of the other qualifications I had when picking a team to be a fan of. Plus when I was a little kid I loved Cal Ripken, I think I might even still have a Cal Ripken t-shirt jersey from when I was about eight years old. My favorite player now, however, is Nick Markakis. He’s probably cooler than you, and he’s definitely cooler than Brett Gardner.

Runner-up: The Braves. Why? Because basically everyone in Tennessee is a Braves fan and they’re in the NL so the Orioles hardly ever play them. Plus Bryan cares more about baseball than I do so I’ll cheer for the Braves for the sake of his sanity.

NHL: The St. Louis Blues.

This hasn’t really taken flight yet, but I think it will when football season is over. The decision to pick the Blues as my NHL team was pretty simple. Bryan said “you’re a Blues fan” and then gave me a few selling points. Pretty straight forward. David Perron (aka Frenchy) is my favorite player. I can call him Frenchy and he’s only 21 years old. He should be a fun player to follow.

Runner-up: Whatever team Craig Weller is on, which right now is the Minnesota Wild. His last name is Weller, his birthday is only nine days after mine and he does stuff like this.

NBA: The Cleveland Caveliers.

Yes, I’m a huge bandwagon fan here. More of a LeBron James bandwagon fan than anything else, which I’m not sure if that makes it better or worse. Either way the only reason I ever watch the NBA is to watch LeBron James so it makes sense that I would cheer for his team. Plus the Cavs throwback jerseys are orange and back in those days I actually followed the NBA and they had a guy named Mark Price. And Mark Price might not beat you off the dribble or dunk on you or even get a rebound over you, but he’ll beat you in a free throw contest anytime, anywhere… Oh, who am I kidding? I just like to watch LeBron posterize people.

Runner-up: The Miami Heat because I also enjoy watching Dwyane Wade sometimes.

EPL: The Hull City Tigers.

So here’s the rest of the story from up above. When Bryan suggested that I pick a soccer team to follow, my first question was “are there any teams with orange uniforms” and almost immediately after that, highlights from a Hull City game came on and, pointing at the TV, I said “like them, who are they?” He told me it was Hull City. He also said that I most certainly wouldn’t be getting accused of being a bandwagon fan. I wasn’t real sure I wanted to pick a team that was quite that bad, but then the next game that happened to be on was a match between Arsenal and Hull City. I took it as a sign and started cheering for the Tigers. I’m roped in, and I’ve already chosen my favorite player: Jozy Altidore. He’s a striker, he’s on the US national team and he’s only 20 years old. Badass. I’ve also already picked out my first t-shirt.

Runner-up: Uhhh… I guess Leeds United because that’s Bryan’s team… Wait, wait. Correction: whoever is playing against whoever Hull City’s rival is.

Schleuderball: Schweewarden, Germany

I’ll be honest here, this is the only team on the list that I just straight up haven’t ever even seen play before, but my friend, Tavis Sartin, who introduced me to the great sports of schleduerball, played with the team in Schweewarden, Germany while he was living in Deutschland. That in itself is a good enough reason for me to pick them as my favorite schleuderball team in the world. So Go Schweewarden!

Runner-up: Whatever team I’m playing on when I play a pick-up game.

Let me know if you think there are any teams, sports or leagues I’ve forgotten. You should also feel free to share your favorite teams in the comments.

14 Responses

  1. Nice post.

    I’ve set out my teams below (not that they would be that interesting for anyone else, but because it was fun making it up).

    Generally, I find that I have a natural affinity for crap teams, so although there are some good ones on my list, they were, on the whole, crap when I picked them.

    Picking Hull City could be deemed an act of bandwagon-jumping as they have spent years being absolute shite, and have only recently climbed off the floor (at one point being bottom of div 3 with the bailiffs locking them out of their ground) and made it to the premier league for the first time in their history. I guess it’s about the same as picking Cincinatti Bearcats as your NCAA team (and who ought now to be invited to join the big 10).
    Anyway, Hull now have a nice ground with next to no parking, and their rivals would be Grimsby Town, who have sort of headed in the opposite direction and are most famous for taking inflatable fish to football grounds and their song “We only sing when we’re fishing”. Hull fans would probably say their rivals were Sheffield United or Leeds, as teams over here nearly always pick a side better than them to class as their rivals.
    In Hull’s case, though, the better teams close to them are also rubbish at the moment so they ought to be honest and pick Grimsby (or Scunthorpe).

    Anyhow, here are my teams:-
    NFL: Seattle Seahawks (merde when I picked them and still shite)
    NHL: Pittsburgh Penguins (they were so bad…..)
    NCAA: Auburn – particularly after they got screwed over by the BCS in favour of inferior Oklahoma. and Bowling Green Falcons – as we used to get GMAC games on our TV long before the “better” leagues, and Auburn just aren’t bad enough.
    EPL: Burnley. Actually they were in the top division when I picked them age 6, but have since descended into oblivion for thirty years (see Hull City)
    E(not)PL; Merthyr Tydfil FC.
    Rugby: Llanelli Scarlets (via Celtic Crusaders via Pontypridd). Welsh rugby is screwed up…..
    Baseball: Toronto, Seattle, Milwaukee, basically all the rubbish teams with no money that it would be great to see beat the Anti-christ-Yankees with a salary cap.
    Basketball: Hate it. Want them all to lose
    International football: Wales – and then Netherlands when Wales don’t qualify. We have a brilliant young team though. Watch out in 4 years time.
    NFL Europe: Amsterdam Admirals (RIP)
    Foreign Teams: Cercle Bruges, Lokeren, NAC Breda, Schalke O4 (Where Rhein Fire played), Racing Club Lens, Twente Enschede, Arbroath

    • Tim, thanks for the great comment! Obviously I didn’t know ANY of that about Hull City. Maybe this will be the one league where Bryan’s team and my team are kind of rivals (you said Leeds was sort of a rival, lol). Your basketball one is hilarious, I know that’s the exact way Bryan feels about the sport. I also thought about trying to find a rugby team because I love the sport but with it not being very big of here in the US I don’t know anything about any of the teams anywhere else and didn’t want to accidentally pick an equivalent to the Yankees. Thanks again for the comment, it was very insightful!

  2. NFL: Washington Redskins

    NCAA: SEC football. The hell with the rest. Although I do hate Spurrier, Saban, and I am not to fond of UT. If I had to pick one Go Big Blue! Outside of the SEC it is Michigan.

    MLB: Not a huge fan but family is from DC so I go with the O’s and Na’s

    NBA: The Spurs. I love me some Duncan and did love some Admiral.

    World Cup: Netherlands. If they lose than Deutschland.

    NHL: Colorado Avalanche

    Schleuderball: WKU. Why you may ask? The answer is we beat Kansas. Suck it Weller. Although their best player went down with a concussion, it does not matter because I tore my ankle to shreds; therefore, the injuries offset and the championship is ours.

    • Whoa whoa whoa, pump the breaks there. You guys made illegal substitutions for the third game. The championship is a draw, and there needs to be a rematch because you guys didn’t know the substitutions were illegal and neither did we, so it wasn’t til Scott told us afterward (he wasn’t there because he had to take Tavis to the hospital) so it was a draw. The rematch will determine the true winner… if it ever happens, lol.

    • Oh and for international soccer, how do you not cheer for the US?

    • Your compelling argument makes WKU my favorite schleuderball team, too. Easy choice, really.

    • Um illegal or not learn the rules. Game is not under protest.

    • Whoa, if you’re telling me I need to learn the rules then you’re either admitting that you knowingly cheated OR you’re being hypocritical… Pick your poison.

      Plus people on YOUR team agreed that it should be ruled a draw. Heck it was even people from your side that proposed for it to be a draw. The true Champion will be decided when you guys work up the courage to come play on our home turf, lol.

    • Well the people from my teams are idiots. Okay well I will send the team but you guys are not allowed to have Tavis since he was injured and so was I.

    • kansas loses. End of discussion.

    • Thanks Bryan.

      Weller two words.

      Boom Roasted

  3. My heritage is from the Dutch, so I choose them. America soccer just doesn’t do much for me. It is like Europe playing American football, it just isn’t suppose to be.

  4. […] is Hull City, so I figured that would be a good place for me to start. Back in December I wrote this post about which team in each major (and one not-so-major) sporting league was my favoirte and why. In […]

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