I just read the most worthless article I have ever read from ESPN.com and I am not happy that this is something considered news worthy. The cheater, tom brady, decided on a name for his recently born baby… and guess who couldn’t care less. That would be me. This has nothing to do with sports and ESPN shouldn’t be writing worthless crap like this and have it infecting their usually stellar website. This is just garbage. I wrote earlier this week about the Tiger Woods stuff that has been going on and how much I just don’t care, and how much it irks me to have sports-media reporting as much on athlete’s personal lives as they do with things that are actually going on in the field of play. Now tom brady decides on a name for his stupid kid and it gets a whole article written about it? Give me a freaking break.

Hey tom, maybe you should go cheat some more. At what age are you going to teach the kid how to use a video camera? Maybe you should hold Brian Griese’s clipboard seeing as that’s all you did at Michigan. I suppose you could also go have more fun spooning with a goat. Though you might prefer to make a damn fool of youself by capsizing a kayak. If you’re bored you could also take another senior citizen to court. I hate you, tom brady. I hate you. I hope your kids grow up and ask you why you had to cheat to win. And I hope that in that exact moment you realize that you’re scum.

3 Responses

  1. I am not going to get into this one.

  2. Ha! I think ESPN has been turning into TMZ more and more! I love how they try to make the athletes look good no matter what they do, because they need it to be profitable. http://doin-work.com

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