Friday 5 – Shockingly Dumb Plays

Last Sunday I was watching The Cleveland Show with my fiancee.  While Cleveland Jr. was making a stupid comment about something I made an offhand remark about how I imagined Leon Lett being a whole lot like the young, animated character.  Think about it for a second, you’ll laugh.

Anyway, she didn’t know who Leon Lett was so I had to use the magic YouTube to show her.  She laughed at him.  That’s where the inspiration for this Friday 5 came from.

I didn’t take game importance into account here, so if you make a stupid mistake in a World Series game, it was weighed just as much as a regular season game between two sub-500 teams.  Game circumstance was a factor, so if the screw-up caused your team to lose it gets a little more credit.  The final criteria was that it had to be an actual play so Marko Jaric and his backward jersey don’t count.  Still funny, though.  Let’s get to it.

5. Dan Orlovsky – I said last year that this play should be shown every time the Detroit Lions are mentioned until they win a Super Bowl.  You can make fun of Donovan McNabb for not knowing the overtime rules all you want…at least he’s never done this.

4. Dennis Wideman – I have to make fun of my own team at #4 with former St. Louis Blue Dennis Wideman and his penalty shot skills.  My roommate was at the game and he immediately texts me and says, “Can a goalie trip a shooter like that?”  He obviously didn’t have the benefit of replay on this one.


3. Jim Marshall – This play is just…well there are no words.

2. Patrik Stefan – Stefan was the #1 overall pick in the 1999 NHL draft.  This is his entire career in a single video clip.

1. Leon Lett – You knew it was coming.  It was even mentioned by the announcer in #2.  Leon Lett is forever the gold standard for stupid plays.  Be sure to listen to Bill Bates’ story at the end.  It’s classic.

This list was very difficult and I ended up with three football plays and two hockey plays, but they’re too good to not include.  I cut some plays out because I felt like they were sort of premeditated rather than actual mistakes.  (That means you Mike Tyson and Zinedine Zidane.)  Some plays, while dumb, were just physical errors, not mental errors or both.  (The Sickest Man in America, Jackie Smith and Bill Buckner, for instance.)  Julian Wright was probably number 6 on the list for this play but I feel like players miss dunks all the time (they may not fall on their faces afterward, but they miss them) right, Ricky Davis, right Tony Allen?

Anyway, I’m sure there are tons that I’ve overlooked.  Leave them in the comments.

2 Responses

  1. Leon Lett. Who knew? Especially to be consoled with a story about another stupid move on your part. HA That had to hurt. So how long did he play?

  2. Hahaha, oh my, Leon Lett. Good grief. I’m with Sue here… for someone to say “hey, it’s okay, other people make mistakes” and have it be another of your own brain-dead moments…. That’s just amazing.

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