Another Baseball Blockbuster

Roy Halladay

I waited until this one became 100% official before commenting on it but now that it has, it’s one of the biggest trades of the decade and I might be selling it short.  The major players of the deal are Roy Halladay going from the Blue Jays to the Philadelphia Phillies and Cliff Lee heading from the Phillies to the Seattle Mariners.  Accompanying the star pitchers are a boat load of top prospects including Michael Taylor, Phillipe Aumont and Brett Wallace.  This is truly a landscape changing trade if I’ve ever seen one.

First I’ll look at the trade from the Phillies perspective.  The Phils are getting arguably the best pitcher in baseball over the last decade (Halladay), three top prospects (Aumont, Tyson Gillies, and JC Ramirez), plus 6 million dollars while giving up a great pitcher who is heading into a contract year (Lee), plus two top prospects (Taylor and Kyle Drabek).

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