Drop it with this Tiger Woods stuff – I don’t care

I am sick and tired of all this Tiger Woods stuff. Does all of this surprise me? Yes. Does it disappoint me? No. You know why? Because I have nothing to be disappointed by. If you had asked me 15 days ago who Tiger Woods was to me, I’d have told you that he’s the greatest golfer in the world. If you asked me today who Tiger Woods is to me, I’d tell you that he’s the greatest golfer in the world. Thus, who Tiger Woods is to me hasn’t changed on bit. If you had met known Tiger Woods, then fine, be disappointed. That makes sense. To me? I don’t care. The only thing that disappoints me is that I won’t get to see the greatest golfer in the world play golf for a while, and considering how much I watched golf anyway, it’s not really all that much of a disappointment to me.

Look at it this way. If I had told you that it came out a professional athlete had gotten in a car accident and had been cheating on his wife with multiple different women, how would you react? You’d probably have a momentary negative reaction, at the worst. It would more likely be a sarcastic reaction of surprise, “oh, shocking” or “and I’m sure he’s the only one” and then it would have never crossed your mind again. Or on the other hand, if I told you a story about a non-famous guy who cheated on his wife and the guy was known as a good husband and nice guy, you’d probably have momentary sympathy for this wife you don’t know then move on from the conversation and it would never cross your mind again. However, with it being an athlete that you thought was a “good guy” it gets more press and coverage on ESPN than things that actually have to do with sports. Example: I’m watching ESPN right now, on a Sunday morning and instead of talking about matchups and previewing today’s NFL games, I’m hearing about “the latest in the Tiger Woods saga.”

I. Don’t. Care.

There is nothing new. There is no “latest in the saga” as if some facts were revealed and came out in the past few hours. Keep me updated on the injuries he sustained in the car crash and if/how they will impact his swing when he come back. Tell me if he’s still working on his game while taking a break from the tournaments. Let me know when he announces the next tournament he’s playing in. Past that, stop wasting my time. Nothing that has happened over the past two weeks has impacted my life at all other than the fact that having to hear about this all the time has annoyed the hell out of me.

Look, don’t get me wrong, I know that what he did was immoral and bad. I just don’t care enough to want to hear about it multiple times per day. Every day countless people cheat on their significant others. And I’m sure plenty of those people are considered to be role models as well. Unless I know the person getting cheated on, I don’t care about any of that either. He didn’t kill or torture anybody or anything, he didn’t illegally impact the outcome of any tournaments he played in -that’s me trying to say “he didn’t cheat” without saying “he didn’t cheat” because that’s exactly what he did do, just in a different sense of the word- and he didn’t do anything to hurt me, my friends, or my family.

He’s not OJ Simpson. He’s not Michael Vick. He’s not Mike Tyson. So I just don’t care. The sooner he can get back to doing what he does best -which, again, is all I/we knew him for in the first place- the happier I’ll be. Until then, I say to just drop it. Want to do a piece on Dateline about it? Fine. 20/20? Alright. 60 Minutes? Cool. Heck, make a Lifetime movie about it if you want. That’s what those programs do. ESPN and all of the other sports media outlets need to stick to what they do. Sports.

When he returns will I still cheer for him? Yes. And here’s why:

Did cheating on his wife doesn’t make any of the shots in the video below any less impressive? No. Have you ever hit a shot out of the sand, over a huge lake and onto the green? No. Have you ever even tried to hit a shot out of the sand, over a huge lake and onto the green? No. You know why? Because you can’t. And that is what makes Tiger Woods amazing. He does things on a regular basis that 99.9999999853% of the world can’t do.

Did cheating on his wife make either of these videos less comical?

For more articles on the subject click on the sentences below:

An article from ESPN writer, Jemele Hill saying Tiger shouldn’t take a break from golf.

An article from ESPN writer, Bob Harig saying Tiger made the right move by taking a break from golf.

Another article from Harig, this time talking about what Tiger’s fellow professional golfers think.

This is from Jason Sobel and Harig talking about when Tiger will return and what will happen when he does.

This is summarizing Tiger’s caddie’s opinion on what happened and where he stands.

Let me hear your opinions in the comments below.

5 Responses

  1. You’re right! Tiger’s unraveling has had zero impact on my life and who cares what the guys does in his personal life. This is the same argument many made for President Clinton during his Monica Lewinsky melt-down. This is also the same argument Charles Barkley was quite boisterous about during his basketball career. He plays basketball and it’s not his problem/job/responsibility or whatever to set an example or be a good role-model because of his high profile. However, I think character and actions speaks volumes about a person. If they’ll hurt the people they love and care about, who knows what lengths they’ll go to satisfy their impulsive egos. I do respect your viewpoint but I think it causes people to question where are the role-models we use as examples for our children or for ourselves? They created this image and marketed Tiger as being one squeaky clean dude and now he’s fallen off the pedestal. Only time will tell what he’s really about and who he really is as a husband, father and as a man.

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  3. No I definitely agree ha. We are basically on the same wavelength with a lot of this stuff as it is.

  4. […] a touchy situation.  So many people were let down by him when all this news broke.  Some people stuck with him, which is fine;  some people turned on him, which is fine, also; and some people are like me and […]

  5. […] this has gotten more attention than Michael Vick’s dog fighting ring. My opinion on this has already been documented though. The reason I’m going to be willing to put up with all the questions surrounding this […]

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