My Heisman Ballot

I’m headed off to the Missouri basketball game in a few minutes so I won’t be around for the actual presentation but I can still give my ballot.  Truth be told, I don’t care who wins this award, it’s rarely given to the right player.  I’ll cut right to the chase here because I’m walking out the door…here’s my ballot if I’m voting:

1. Ndamukong Suh – Nebraska – If the award is for the best player, this is a no-brainer.

2. Toby Gerhart – Stanford – Eye popping stats for this running back make him number two.

3. Mark Ingram – Alabama – I just never jumped on the “best player on the best team” bandwagon.  Doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me.  Still, Ingram is in the Top 3.

4. Colt McCoy – Texas – If I was picking based on who I wanted to win, McCoy would be the choice.

5. CJ Spiller – Clemson – It’s a shame that Tim Tebow is at this presentation while Spiller is not.

5 Responses

  1. I agree with the top 2 for sure. Gerhart was beast as well at RB better than Ingram in my opinion. McCoy has great numbers but I feel like the Big 12 was rather weak this year. I still think Tebow should be there although since Florida didn’t win the SEC and he did not play that great of a game. The bad thing for Tebow is he is being compared to all his other years when his number were silly. If I recall Tebow did not play all of the games (taken out in the 4th quarter is what I mean) so his stats should not be as great. Spiller was great at the end but I feel like he fell off the table as the year ended. Suh should have won it but the rest of my ballot I am not sure about.

    • Yeah, I see what you’re saying about Tebow being there, my thought is that Tebow has been there twice, winning it once. This year he obviously wasn’t going to win, give Spiller the chance to get some recognition. I guess it wasn’t really up to them, Spiller finished 6th and Tebow 5th. Hard to justify that one.

      Also, past Suh at the top, I would’ve been content drawing the name out of a hat. It really was that close.

  2. Can you do a write up on all the awards?

  3. I think Gerhart should have won. Amazing year.

    • Gerhart was better than Ingram this year without a doubt. Ingram wins on the best player on the best team default. Everyone wants to point out games where people didn’t do anything, look at the Auburn game and his stats.

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