I’m a little confused

I’ve been hearing all week on ESPN and other sports media services that people should be looking for the Titans to upset my Colts this weekend. There have been a wide range of reasons given to support this claim from the Colts faltering in recent weeks to the Titans being a different team than the one the Colts faced earlier this season. It’s also been brought up that the switch from Kerry Collins to Vince Young at quarterback has turned this team around. And Young has improved so much, which is why their team has gone 5-0 since he’s taken over the starting role at quarterback.

I won’t deny any of those things: yes, the Colts have struggled in the past five games; yes, the Titans are going to give a significantly different look from what the Colts saw earlier this year; yes, it seems that the Titans have been hot since Young became the signal caller; yes, it appears that Young has improved immensely by observing and learning as a backup from the sidelines; and yes Chris Johnson is a stud.

Chris Johnson

Here’s where the news flash comes in. The Colts have had to come from behind while down in the fourth quarter in each of their last five games… and still won all five, which is something no other team in NFL history has ever done. In fact, the most before that had been three games in a row with fourth quarter comebacks. This should worry teams more than if the Colts had been blowing everyone out of the water. Let me explain before your eyes widen with shock and your jaw drops in disbelief; the Colts are a team that is built to play with a lead – get out in front early and make the other team chase you – with a high powered offense and a defense that has a great pass rush, but is subpar against the run. A team like this struggles to play from behind and make great comebacks because at that point the other team will just run the ball to milk the clock and the defense struggles to stop them. The Colts have found themselves in this situation five games in a row and are still winning. That means this team is built to play with a lead but if need-be they can play from behind as well. This team wins one way or another.

The Titans on the other hand are getting praise for winning their last five games and it somehow means that they’re going to beat the Colts. Well, guess what, the Colts have won their last five games as well. In fact, the Colts have won their last TWENTY regular season games. On top of that, the Colts’ last five games have been against significantly more difficult opponents. The Titans’ five wins have come against the Jaguars, 49ers, Bills, Texans and Cardinals. Are you impressed with that list? I’m not. The combined record of those five teams is 27-28. Not good. On top of that the Titans have won four of those games by seven points or less, and two of them by only three points. And in three of those five games the Titans had home field advantage.

As for Vince Young, he has yet to face a pass rush quite like the one the Colts have. In fact, only one of the five teams he’s started against is in the top half of the league when it comes to total sacks this year. The Titans have also scored more than 17 points only once in the last five games. The Colts have scored fewer than that only once all year, and that was in the first game of the season when they scored 14; and the Colts are averaging 28 points per game. And don’t think that Nate Washington, Justin Gage and Kenny Britt have the Colts worried after having to face the likes of Larry Fitzgerald, Randy Moss and Andre Johnson twice. Andre Johnson only put up 170 yards and no touchdowns against the Colts… and that’s total in the two games that he faced us. Fitzgerald only put up 76 yards and no touchdowns when he faced us. So forgive me for saying that the Titans passing game doesn’t scare me.

Vince Young

When it comes to the Titans having a different look, I’d just like to throw it out there the Colts have faced 10 different teams already this season and they’ve won 11 games, so just because they’re a different team doesn’t mean the Colts won’t win. Also, they won’t look that different. Chris Johnson is still their biggest weapon and the Speed Blue Defense held him to just 34 yards and no touchdowns. Maurice Jones-Drew, Frank Gore, Ray Rice and Steve Slaton were all held safely under 100 yards as well. In fact, the five of them together only averaged 70 yards and 0.4 touchdowns against the Colts this year. I kinda doubt Johnson gets the 150 all-purpose yards that so many people seem to be expecting.

Chris Johnson is definitely the biggest concern by far in this game though, but if the Colts can get out to an early lead then Johnson won’t be near as big of a factor because it will force the Titans to pass the ball. And even if we don’t jump out to an early lead, we’ve already proven that we can come from behind, and we’ve also proven that we can stop Chris Johnson. Again, he only ran for 34 yards against us last time, which is by far his lowest total so far this season. With all that said, I predict the Colts to bounce back from their struggles this week with quite a few starters returning from injury. The Titans get a reality check and realize their level of competition over the past month has been underwhelming. Colts win big 38 to 13.

As a side note, I managed to write an entire post about why the Colts will win without mentioning Peyton Manning once. And now that I think about it, I didn’t mention Natalie Portman either… how could I ever forget about her?

Natalie Portman being gorgeous as usual

Peyton Manning being awesome as usual

5 Responses

  1. The first side note, I’m impressed with, the second one, not so much.

  2. In case anyone is curious… yes, that definitely was me simply looking for a reason to put a picture of Natalie Portman on our site… also it seems that the picture of her is showing up for some people and not others. If you can’t see the picture raise your hand.

  3. My hand is up. I do see the picture that matters, however. Peyton in his Tennessee uniform. Take us back to where it all began…

    • I love that picture of Peyton. It’s definitely one of my favorite all-time photos of him… as for the Natalie Portman picture, it’s bizarre. I couldn’t see the picture when I would preview the post before publishing it, but then I could see it when it was published. Then Bryan couldn’t see it at first when I had published it and now he can. But now you can’t see it, haha.

    • I can’t see it anymore.

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