2010 NFL Mock Draft VIII (12/02)

It was a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away when I did my last mock draft. Okay fine, it wasn’t in a galaxy far, far away but it was a long time ago so I thought it was about time I put up a new one. I will again be determining my draft order based off of Bryan’s awesome new weekly post that shows exactly what the draft order would be if the season were to end today. To see how things have progressed with my 2010 mock drafts take a look back at IIIIIIIVVVI and VII. Here is the eighth installment.
I also want to go ahead and apologize for the horrible formatting this time around. I’m not on my computer and it’s throwing me off a little bit. Either way, here’s my new mock draft:


Pick Team Player Pos School
1 Cleveland Sam Bradford QB Oklahoma
2 St Louis Eric Berry FS Tennessee
3 Tampa Bay Ndamukong Suh DT Nebraska
4 Detroit Gerald McCoy DT Oklahoma
5 Washington Russell Okung OT Oklahoma State
6 Kansas City Trent Williams OT Oklahoma
7 Oakland Charles Brown OT USC
8 Seattle C.J. Spiller RB Clemson
9 Buffalo Colt McCoy QB Texas
10 *Denver Carlos Dunlap DE Florida
11 **San Francisco Taylor Mays FS USC
12 San Francisco Bryan Bulaga OT Iowa
13 NY Jets Brandon LaFell WR LSU
14 Houston Brandon Spikes MLB Florida
15 Miami Terrence Cody DT Alabama
16 Tennessee Brandon Graham DE Michigan
17 Pittsburgh Ricky Sapp OLB Clemson
18 Jacksonville Dez Bryant WR Oklahoma State
19 Atlanta Greg Hardy DE Mississippi
20 Baltimore Rolondo McClain MLB Alabama
21 NY Giants Jared Odrick DT Penn State
22 Green Bay Jonathan Dwyer RB Georgia Tech
23 Arizona Jerry Hughes OLB TCU
24 Philadelphia Joe Haden CB Florida
25 New England Tim Tebow Misc Florida
26 ***Seattle Jimmy Clausen QB Notre Dame
27 Cincinnati Mike Iupati OG Idaho
28 San Diego Corey Wootton DE Northwestern
29 Dallas Anthony Davis OT Rutgers
30 Minnesota Derrick Morgan DE Georgia Tech
31 New Orleans Marvin Austin DT North Carolina
32 Indianapolis Sean Weatherspoon OLB Missouri

* Chicago traded their first-round pick along with their 2009 first- and third-round selections, and quarterback Kyle Orton to Denver for quarterback Jay Cutler and a 2009 fifth-round selection.

** Carolina traded their first-round pick to San Francisco for San Francisco’s 2009 second-round selection (43rd overall, used to select Everette Brown) and their 2009 fourth-round selection (111th overall, used to select Mike Goodson).

*** Denver traded their first-round pick to Seattle for Seattle’s 2009 second-round selection (37th overall, used to select Alphonso Smith).


9 Responses

  1. I think there is something wrong with your mock, you have Washington making the correct decision with a draft pick.

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  3. Cleveland taking Sam Bradford? What good would that do with no offensive players to go with him? Suh
    is a much better pick and more of a can’t miss.
    Bradford won’t last going up against Pitts & Balt 4 times a year. Suh is exactly what the Browns need to
    win in this division. Do your homework

    • Don’t the Browns have to win more than 1 – 3 games a year to win the division?

    • If you want to talk about doing homework, then I’d like to point out the fact that the defense that has dominated your division this year is the Bengals defense, which is the only team in the division that you failed to mention at all. I mean, why would you mention them though? They only swept the division and are three games ahead of both Pittsburgh and Baltimore and are on track to end up with a first round bye in the playoffs with the second best record in the conference.

      And Michael, your comment was brilliant.

  4. Tebow to the Pats. Not the first mock I’ve seen this on, but it’s still pretty funny. I mean, I understand that nobody ever has a real clue as to what Belichick will do with his draft picks so a completely ridiculous guess is as good as any other.

    Good on ya.

  5. The first Seattle pick looks ok. We ought to finish on 7 wins and Spiller ought to be there still.

    With the second pick, I’d expect Iupati to be the one. There’s got to be an improvement on the O-Line.

    I agree with Erich re Suh. The guy deserves to be #1.

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