How can the Redskins make the playoffs?

Our best commenter, Michael, asked about how his favorite team, the Redskins, could make the playoffs. So despite the fact that the Redskins are currently sitting at 3-8 and can do no better in the division than hope to tie the Cowboys for the top spot of the NFC East I will map out exactly what crazy miracles need to happen in order for this team to find it’s way into the playoffs. Continue reading

A look at the Colts

With only five weeks left in the NFL season it’s that time of year where we can start talking about the playoffs and who can do what in which weeks to lock up a playoff spot or a certain seed in the playoffs. As of right now, only the Colts have locked up a playoff spot by clinching the division title with a win over Houston this past weekend, and with a little help from the 49ers, who beat the Jaguars. Continue reading

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