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I haven’t written anything in a while so this is really just me finding an excuse to remind everyone that I actually am still alive. But here’s a link to ESPN writer, Paul Kuharsky’s mailbag from a few days ago. The first one he responds to was submitted by yours truly so I thought I’d share.

Draft Update – Week 10

I toyed with the idea of giving the Rams half a win for their fantastic performance against the Saints, but I couldn’t.  Now, lets find out if they were able to keep their spot atop the draft order:

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Colts Down the Patriots


Belichick blew it tonight

I was planning on writing another Rookie Review tonight after the Colts-Patriots game, but this was too good to pass up.  I’ll be up front here, I hate the Patriots.  Actually, more specifically, I hate Bill Belichick and I hate Tom Brady.  I don’t hate them as much as Weller does, but they cheated my Rams out of a Super Bowl and I don’t tolerate cheaters.

Anyway, tonight was the annual Manning-Brady Bowl that is usually too hyped up for just two players.  There are 42 other guys on the field.  Let’s give them a bit of credit, too.  Tonight, however, the game didn’t disappoint.  It look like it was going to be the Brady-Moss show through three quarters (try as I might, I just can’t hate Randy Moss.  He’s just so good).  Moss put up 179 yards and 2 TDs against a depleted Colts secondary.  But it wasn’t quite enough…

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Friday 5 – Best NFL Pass Rush Duos This Year

It’s a little over half way into the NFL season and so for this week’s Friday 5 I’m looking at the most successful duos in the league at getting to the quarterback. I’m on a trip out in Santa Monica, California so you’ll have to forgive me for making this quick. It’s pretty straight forward: which two players on the same team have combined for the most sacks among the leagues tandems? This may seem like I’m asking which team is the best at getting at the quarterback, and that’s just not the case. It may be similar but it’s certainly not the same. The teams with the most sacks are the Minnesota Vikings (31), Philadelphia Eagles (27), Denver Broncos (26), Pittsburgh Steelers (23), and the Indianapolis Colts and San Diego Chargers (both with 22).

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Trouble for Tennessee

I woke up this morning and went through my normal routine…get some cereal, check my email, check Power Mizzou, and check 3SIB.  Usually that makes for a pretty pleasant morning before I head to work.  Today, well, not so much.  I was greeted with the news that three freshmen from the Vols, Nu’Keese Richardson, Janzen Jackson, and Mike Edwards, had been arrested in connection with an armed robbery at a gas station in Knoxville.  Awesome.

Two of the three, Richardson and Jackson, happen to be the prized recruits who were swayed from Florida and LSU on Signing Day last year.  This is also the first legal-related blemish on first-year head coach Lane Kiffin’s team record.  Boy, it’s a big one.

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Andre Agassi Causes A Stir

In his new book, Open”, Andre Agassi reveals quite a few personal things.  At different points in the book he states that he hated tennis, that his famous long hair was actually fake, and that he used the drug crystal meth throughout much of 1997.  He even failed a drug test, but lied to ATP officials saying he ingested the drug on accident and wasn’t suspended.  Once this news broke, there was a little backlash from some current players who faced Agassi during his career.  One player, former #1 player Marat Safin, went as far as to say that Agassi should forfeit his tournament titles and return his winnings to the ATP.

I’m not a huge tennis fan; I enjoy watching the Majors and I generally just pull for the Americans.  Hearing about Agassi’s struggles hasn’t changed my opinion of him at all.


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Draft Update – Week 9

It’s the Tuesday draft update (preempted by Sammy Sosa).  The Rams didn’t play and the Bucs got into the win column.  Did that shake things up in the draft order?  Let’s find out.

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