A Moment to Brag

This is probably going to be the final post for the week, both Weller and I are headed to Chattanooga for Thanksgiving, plus there’s not a whole lot going on right now.

All I would like to do is point out that I went a perfect 6/6 while predicting the postseason baseball awards.  It’s rare that I even get kind of close on these things, so when I do this well, I have to point it out.

Don’t worry, it probably won’t happen again.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving, eat lots of turkey and watch lots of football.

One Response

  1. I did just that. Now on to the championships and bowl games. I am an old school Bama hater. You are a new school Florida hater. What do you think? I would like to see Bama pull it out but fear it will be Florida.

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