Friday 5 – Best NFL Pass Rush Duos This Year

It’s a little over half way into the NFL season and so for this week’s Friday 5 I’m looking at the most successful duos in the league at getting to the quarterback. I’m on a trip out in Santa Monica, California so you’ll have to forgive me for making this quick. It’s pretty straight forward: which two players on the same team have combined for the most sacks among the leagues tandems? This may seem like I’m asking which team is the best at getting at the quarterback, and that’s just not the case. It may be similar but it’s certainly not the same. The teams with the most sacks are the Minnesota Vikings (31), Philadelphia Eagles (27), Denver Broncos (26), Pittsburgh Steelers (23), and the Indianapolis Colts and San Diego Chargers (both with 22).

Now let’s look at the top duos:

5. Trent Cole and Juqua Parker – Philadelphia Eagles

These two defensive ends have combined for 11.5 of the Eagles 27 sacks so far this season. Having these two coming off the edges will make most any quarterback nervous.

Trent Cole

4. Andre Carter and Brian Orakpo – Washington Redskins

Carter is the right end coming around the corner while Orakpo lines up on the left side of the defense as an outside linebacker being used in a lot of stunts and blitzes and capitalizing. They’ve combined for 12 of the the Redskins 21 sacks.

Andre Carter sacks tom brady

3. Elvis Dumervil and Darrell Reid – Denver Broncos

This is our only tandem on the list comprised of two outside linebackers. Dumervil is currently tied for the most sacks this season at 10.5 and Reid is listed as a defensive end but typically plays outside linebacker, which is funny because last year he was a defensive tackle for the Colts.

Darrell Reid

2. Jared Allen and Kevin Willams – Minnesota Vikings

Allen is the one tied with Dumervil for the most sacks in the league this year and Williams is the only defensive tackle to be found anywhere on this list. These two line up next to eachother on the right and give offenses left tackles and left guards fits.

Kevin Williams and Jared Allen

1. Dwight Freeney and Robert Mathis – Indianapolis Colts

Freeney is the right end and Mathis is the left end and these two equalize quarterbacks. Combining for 15.5 of the teams 22 sacks and in the process forcing four fumbles, which is also the most out of any two on this list.

Robert Mathis and Dwight Freeney at the Pro Bowl


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