The Yankees Win the World Series. Oh Goody.

As I watched the Yankees close out one of the most ant-climatic Major League Baseball playoffs in recent history, I was reminded of all the reasons why I despise the Yankees.  When I was younger, I hated the Yankees.  I mean HATED them.  Luis Gonzalez’s bloop hit in the 2001 World Series is still one of my favorite sports memories of all time.

Then the the Yanks went eight years without winning a World Series including last year where they missed the playoffs completely.  Gosh, that was fun.  My hatred waned.  The Mets became my most hated team.  They suddenly started competing with my Braves for the NL East Crown, something that was unthinkable five years before.  It made sense.

But as I watched last night, it struck me.  The main reason that I hate the Yankees is that they make baseball boring.

That’s right, the best players in baseball, the highest payroll, the 1.5 billion dollar Monument to Excess…boooooring.

Ken Rosenthal, who I generally enjoy reading, wrote an article this morning about how even though the Yankees bought the World Series (again), the emotion was still real.  It’s funny because I sent a text to my friend as the Yankees celebrated saying how listless it was.  The only two who were acting like they won a World Series were Mark Teixeira and Alex Rodriguez.  Maybe that was just me who noticed.  Jorge Posada just stood there.  At least act a little happy?  His post game interview was like watching a zombie.  I turned it off at that point, I was almost asleep.

Now we have to listen to all the Yankee fans who come out of the woodwork to call all real baseball fans jealous of their 27 titles.  I can’t deny that, of course I’m jealous.  What I’m not jealous of, however, is the $200 million dollar payroll.  Really, watching the Yankees win is like when the one rich kid in the neighborhood come home with another new car.  It gets pretty old, pretty quick. No one cares.

When the Rays were in the World Series, I felt like I was watching the poor kid from the other end of the neighborhood win the lottery.  It’s actually interesting.  You can look back at their offseason and see how the roster was constructed.  You can look back at the Yankees’ offseason and see which problems they solved with money.  $423.5 million dollars this offseason, to be exact.  That’s more money than the Pittsburgh Pirates have spent on their entire team in the last 8 years combined.

I know there are plenty of Yankee fans who come by this site as evidenced by Brett Gardner’s Fan Army who still come by to leave us comments.  Maybe some of you can explain to me how, outside of money, how the Yankees are good for baseball, because the rest of us are already bored with them.


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