Back From Hiatus

You may have noticed our absence around here last week.  We were out of town attending our grandfather’s funeral.  Needless to say, WaB was not the first thing on our mind.  Nevertheless, we are back now.  Or, I am back now.  Weller is planning another cross country road trip.

I didn’t get to watch many sporting events over the last week.  I saw one World Series game and attended the Tennessee Vols-South Carolina Gamecocks game at Neyland Stadium.  It was my first Vols game in over a decade and it was just as great as I remember it.  My voice was almost gone less than four minutes into the game after they came out in the black jerseys, created two turnovers and scored two touchdowns.

In fact, that whole night was just too awesome for words, so I won’t try.  Neyland Stadium is amazing.

I don’t have much else to say.  There was only basketball on tonight and that excites me about as much as watching paint dry.  Though Syracuse did lose to LeMoyne.  How embarrassing.

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