Draft Order – Week 12

Now that we’re full of turkey and stuffing, we’re back with a vengeance.  The Rams still aren’t in the top spot, but maybe that’s a good thing.  Having that #1 pick can be embarrassing when you screw it up, right Jamarcus Russell?  Anyway, Weller will have a mock draft for you and I’m planning on doing something with the college coaching carousel, so come back early and often in the month of December.

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A Moment to Brag

This is probably going to be the final post for the week, both Weller and I are headed to Chattanooga for Thanksgiving, plus there’s not a whole lot going on right now.

All I would like to do is point out that I went a perfect 6/6 while predicting the postseason baseball awards.  It’s rare that I even get kind of close on these things, so when I do this well, I have to point it out.

Don’t worry, it probably won’t happen again.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving, eat lots of turkey and watch lots of football.

Draft Update – Week 11

Well guys, I have terrible news.  The Rams have been replaced.  Matt Stafford’s last-second, one-armed heroics have sent St. Louis crashing from the top spot in the draft.  Still lots of time left here, but I don’t want to be #2 again.  It’s not as fun.  Let’s see the rest of the order.

Click here for last week’s order.

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Saturday Happenings

This post is going to touch on a couple things that happened yesterday in the sports world that doesn’t worthy of their their own full post.  We’ll start in college football.

Normally I wouldn’t pay much attention to the Harvard-Yale game, but yesterday was an exception.  Yale had a 10-7 lead with 2:25 left and was facing a 4th and 22 from their own 26 yard line.  That’s when first year head coach Tony Williams made the worst call in the history of organized football.  Yes, worse than Bill Belichick’s decision to lose last week’s game against Colts.  Coach Williams decided to run a fake punt.  Predictably, they did not get the required 22 yards.  Three plays later, Harvard found the end zone for the game winning score.

Williams would take the blame for the horrible idea later saying:

The whole idea was to keep our foot on the pedal, and not play scared. If anyone is looking for somebody to blame, blame this guy right here.

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Friday Five and a Half

Don’t ask me what the title means. I’m putting this up.

5. I like this Eric Berry video.

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World Cup Field Set

Yesterday was the final day of qualifying for next summer’s World Cup in South Africa.  There were six bids on the line and there were some hotly contested matches.  None were more controversial than the Ireland-France game that ended in overtime after Thierry Henry’s blatant handball that led to William Gallas’ winner.  In fact, it was so blatant that the Prime Minister of Ireland is demanding a replay.  I think that would be the right thing to do, but it’s obviously not going to happen.  France is one of soccer’s cash cows; think of them as a USC or an Ohio State in football, no matter what they do wrong, the NCAA will never punish them. Anyway, France got in by the skin of their teeth.

There was also some tension between Algeria and Egypt in during their clash in Sudan.  The Algerians prevailed 1-0 to qualify for their first World Cup since 1986.  I don’t know the whole story and my internet isn’t working all that well so I can’t look it up, but just know that these two countries have a severe disdain for one another.

Click the link to find out who else will be vying for the championship in the world’s biggest tournament.

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Rookie Review #2

I’ve been meaning to do this for a while now but I just never got around to it.  Since there’s only college basketball on ESPN and the hockey on Versus is over…I have nothing to watch.  That means you get a Rookie Review.  Click here to see how your favorite rookies did after their first game in the NFL.

1. Matthew Stafford – QB – Detroit Lions

Stafford is having some growing pains, but that was to be expected after getting taken by the Lions who were winless last year.  He’s averaging 212.7 yards per game and his TD/INT ratio is 6/12 with a QB rating of 59.5.  Not exactly what you want, but I’m giving him extra leeway here.  The Lions have won a game that he started.  That should buy him at least three years.  His stats are actually quite comparable to Eli Manning’s through their first nine games.

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