Tragedy For USA Soccer

Charlie Davies

Charlie Davies

US National Team forward Charlie Davies was injured in a car accident early this morning.  In the one car accident, one person was killed while Davies and another person were seriously injured.  A spokesperson for the Washington Hospital Center Medstar said that Davies had to undergo a lengthy surgery and that his life was not in danger but there was no word on how it would affect his playing career.

This is truly a stunning development for the Americans as it puts a damper on their World Cup qualification and will put a somber mood on Wednesday’s match against Costa Rica.

Obviously, soccer is not the number one issue here.  Davies is only 23 years old.  There is a chance that he will never play again.’s article is now saying that Davies was not the driver of the car but that he was in violation of the team’s 11 PM curfew.  Police are still investigating the cause of the crash.  One just hopes that alcohol is not a factor.

As I said earlier, it seems a little odd to even mention soccer in this article, but that’s what we do around here.  In my opinion, Davies has been one of the US’ best strikers recently.  He did miss a glorious chance in the first half of Sunday’s game, but he played a solid match, overall.  The forward duties will be held down by a combination of Conor Casey, Jozy Altidore and Brian Ching, I suppose.  Maybe this will open the door to Freddy Adu to finally get some playing time with the big squad.

Hopefully Davies will be able to bounce back from his injuries and become a regular in the US lineup again.

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  1. I was sorry to read about Charlie Davies. As a US Soccer fan this is not good news. But as a human being, it is always hard to read about a 23 year old young man in an accident. I do hope he recovers to one day play on the national team again. Thanks for the story.

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