Peyton Manning Keep Moving Up

With three seconds remaining in the first half of the Colts home game against the Seahawks Peyton Manning threw a perfect pass for a 16-yard touchdown. The rookie, Austin Collie, made a beautiful catch for the Colts to go up 21 to 3 (after the extra point) before half time and became the 32nd receiver to ever catch a touchdown pass from Peyton Manning. All this however does not capture the significance of this play. Coming into the game Peyton had thrown 340 career touchdown passes. Earlier in the game, Peyton connected with Reggie Wayne to bump his career total to 341. Then with the play that I just described, Peyton moved up to 342 career touchdown passes, tying him with Fran Tarkenton at third on the all-time list in the NFL.

Hes good

He's good

This means that the only two players in NFL history to have more career touchdown passes than Peyton are Brett Favre and Dan Marino. Favre is the all-time leader with 469 with Marino in second with 420. Peyton however has them both beat in terms of touchdowns thrown per game. For his career, Peyton is averaging 1.91 touchdown passes per game. Marino averaged 1.74 and Favre is averaging 1.70. This is a huge piece of history, and I fully expect Peyton to throw at least one more touchdown in this game, making third place solely his, and dropping Tarkenton to fourth. When that happens I’ll be sure to update this post.

Peyton’s touchdown pass to Wayne also helped him tie another spot in the record books. That was his 55th touchdown to Wayne and he became only the second player ever to throw 55 or more touchdown passes to two different receivers in their career – Marvin Harrison was his other receiver, who he threw 112 touchdown passes to. Marino is the other player to accomplish this. He threw 79 to Mark Clayton and 55 to Mark Duper. So next week -if not, then soon after- when Peyton throws another touchdown to Wayne, he will be the only player in history to throw 56 or more touchdown passes to two different receivers.

UPDATE: With just over four minutes to go in the third quarter Peyton eclipsed the 300 passing yards mark for the game. He has now thrown for over 300 yards in all four games this year. This is the first time in Peyton’s career that he has thrown for 300+ yards in four consecutive games.

UPDATE2: Peyton did not throw another touchdown. The Colts hit the cruise control button and coasted to a win.

Austin Collie catching Peyton Manning's 342nd touchdown pass

Austin Collie catching Peyton Manning's 342nd touchdown pass


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  1. He can do it!!!!!!!

  2. I love Peyton Manning.

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