College Football Week 5 – All the Good Teams Have Byes Edition

I’ll admit, I have watched very little college football today.  It seems like I’m only getting Big 10 games on the TV and that’s like watching grass grow.  Instead, I’ve been watching hockey’s opening weekend, namely my Blues two-game sweep of the geriatric Red Wings.  So now I’ll look in on whatever games are on right now and make snap judgments without seeing any highlights.

Can we finally stop saying Michigan is a good team?  One win over an overrated Notre Dame team does not make a team good.

Will the real Iowa please stand up?  They had another close call with an inferior opponent in 1-3 Arkansas State.  I really think they just have Penn State’ s number but they’ll have a hard time beating anyone else.

Juice Williams needs to be benched.  He’s just a bad player.  I have to believe Ron Zook’s clock is ticking in Champaign.

The LSU-Georgia game is just about what I figured it would be.  Two overrated teams propped up by their conference affiliation.  I picked Georgia and right now it’s 7-6 Bulldogs.  It’s like I’m watching another Big 10 game.  Georgia has 166 yards of offense.

North Carolina may be the most disappointing team in the country.  They lost 16-3 to Virginia.  That same Virginia team who lost to FCS team William and Mary in Week 1.  The Tar Heels now drop to 3-2.  I really thought they may challenge for the ACC title this year.

Virginia Tech struggled against Duke.  I’m still not quite sure what to make of them.  Get dominated by Georgia, barely beat Nebraska at home, stomp Miami, then eek one out against Duke.  No telling which team will show up next week.

That’s all.  Nothing exciting at all.  I may come back after the Tennessee game, I may not.  I doubt anything interesting happens between now and then anyway.

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