Mr. Wright’s Week 8 Bettor’s Guide

NFL Week 8 Bettor’s Guide
M.D. Wright


Great rivalry games coming up this week. A couple of teams could disappear from playoff contention with losses this week. The NFC East lead is at stake also. The Colts look to go 7-0 and the Rams and Lions play in the Stink Bowl. Let’s get to the picks. Continue reading

Mr. Wright’s Week 8 Power Rankings

NFL Week 8 Power Rankings
M.D. Wright


More shaking at the top, but hey, that’s the NFL for ya. The best teams belong at the top, the worst at the bottom, and those with various different holes in their squads move around the most. That’s the deal. Continue reading

Draft Update – Week 7

Weller and I actually drove to St. Louis and scalped tickets for the Rams-Colts clash on Sunday.  On the way, I predicted a 41-3 finish.  I wasn’t too far off when it ended 42-6.  I should have had more faith in Josh Brown.  We devised a new scoring system as well.  For every touchdown the Colts scored, they received one point.  The scoring for the Rams remained the same.  With this new, more fair scoring system, the game was actually tied 6-6.

Let’s check the draft order:

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Mr. Wright’s Week 7 Bettor’s Guide

NFL Week 7 Bettor’s Guide
M.D. Wright

This will be a Hit ‘n’ Run version of the picks with College Football, NBA, MLB World Series and Midnight Madness NCAA Basketball upon us at the same time. My head’s about to bust.

Let’s get right to the picks. Continue reading

Friday 5 – Blown Calls

I kind of alluded to today’s Friday 5 with this post detailing the horrible umpiring that has taken place in the Major League Baseball Playoffs this season.  I’ve decided to countdown the most meaningful blown calls of all time.  Obviously, I’m not going to know all the blown calls so if your great grandpa remembers that time in the 1911 World Series…well, it’s not on here.

My criteria here was simple.  It had to be an obviously blown call, not one that’s open to interpretation.  Jazz fans, I know Jordan pushed off.  I don’t care.  Not a blown call.  The other rule is that it had to lead to or hinder a championship.  I know Arkansas got screwed this weekend, but it’s a little too early to tell if Florida is going to win the title because of it.  That’s not so with our #5 blown call:

5) Colorado vs. Missouri, 1990.  The Fifth Down.

This probably would have been higher except it wasn’t an actual championship game.  If the referees had called the game correctly, however, Colorado wouldn’t have earned a share of the National Title with Georgia Tech.  The Buffaloes finished the season 11-1-1 and ranked first in the AP Poll.  Georgia Tech ended the year 11-0-1 and was ranked first in the Coaches Poll.  Both teams claim a share of the national title.  The officials were suspended indefinitely following the game.  As they should have been.

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2009 NFL Ranking Formula (Week 6)

I finally got back-to-back weeks with my power ranking formula. With the Saints beating the Giants we are with one less undefeated team, which is making things more and more interesting. This also leaves us with that question that always seems to be asked: who will the last unbeaten team be? The Vikings and Broncos both have two very difficult games coming up. This week the Vikings play at Pittsburgh then next week are at Green Bay followed bye week, while the Broncos have a bye this week but the next two weeks are at Baltimore and then against the Steelers. The Colts and Saints should both win this week, playing away games against the Rams and Dolphins respectively. Then the Colts get the 49ers at home and Texans at home, while the Saints get the Falcons at home and Panthers at home. That two game stretch look more difficult for the Saints but I wouldn’t be surprised to see both teams start 9-0 or 10-0. They both have just one or two more games that look dangerous and other than that it’s relatively easy sailing.

I would still like to add a few more sources to come up with the average rankings but I’m just not sure which ones I would use. If there are any suggestions let me know. Also, The formula I made for this will become more and more accurate as the season goes on, because as of right now the win percentages are being greatly influential over the final outcome due to the fact that each game makes up a greater portion of teams win percentage. The more games that are played, the more it will water down that impact and the rankings as a whole will become more accurate. Continue reading

This Is Getting Ridiculous

I know the baseball playoffs have been largely ignored around here but it’s tough when you don’t have any rooting interest whatsoever.  Rest assured, I have been watching the majority of the games and, well honestly, it hasn’t been very exciting.

Three of the four Divisional Series ended in sweeps and both League Championship Series have the potential to end in five games (The Phillies are up 5-2 and threatening in the 4th as I type this).  Just nothing terribly exciting in any of the games that’s worth talking about.  One thing, however, cannot escape unnoticed.  That’s the horrific umpiring that has gone on this postseason.

As a general rule, I don’t like officials.  I don’t not like them, I guess, I just hate how they are immune to any sort of criticism.  I realize that they do the best they can and most of the time, they get the calls correct.  When they get the calls wrong, however, they should fall under the same scrutiny that any of the rest of us would be subject to if we messed up our job.  Especially if we messed up our jobs as bad as Tim McClelland did his last night.

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Mr. Wright’s Week 7 Power Rankings

NFL Week 7 Powre Rankings
M.D. Wright

Big shakeup this week, but before we go overreacting (as ESPN hacks are doing), let’s keep things in proper perspective: there are 4 elite teams, 2 on-the-cusp teams, 18-20 middling squads and then the dredge of the NFL follows. The rankings dictate this. Continue reading

A Fantastic Post

I read this over on 3SIB, and just had to link to it. This is a wonderfully written post, by a BAMA blogger. The fact that he is from the Crimson side of 3SIB and not the Big Orange side is certainly something to keep in mind while reading it. Here is the link:

WaB Field Trip: The Field of Dreams

This past weekend my fiancee and I went up to a wedding in Rockford, Illinois.  I convinced her to take a small detour through Iowa to see the Field of Dreams from the 1989 film starring Kevin Costner and James Earl Jones.  It was also #2 on my Top 5 List of baseball movies.  Needless to say, I was pretty excited about our trek through the Hawkeye State.

Before we made it to the most well known fake baseball field of all time, we stopped off in Iowa City to visit the University of Iowa.  Naturally, I wanted to go by their football stadium.


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