WaB’s Take On Tim Tebow

I’m sure you’ve seen it by now.  If not, enjoy:

Anyway, in case you don’t know, Florida Gators superhero Tim Tebow was knocked unconscious by cult hero, Kentucky freshman defensive end Taylor Wyndham.  We’re not going to bash the Florida QB or call him names because…well, we’re just not going to.  However, we do have a few observations about the hit, the circumstances, and the fan reaction.

First thing:  The hit was completely, 100% textbook legal.  There was no helmet to helmet, there was no crown of the helmet to chinstrap, it was a shoulder to chest thumping.  The message boards lit up right after Tebow was rushed to the hospital calling for Wyndham’s suspension.  Just because your hero gets knocked silly doesn’t mean it was a dirty hit.  It’s football, get over it.  Or better yet, have you offensive lineman at least try to block the guy.

Foxsports.com’s Peter Schrager wrote this article saying that Tebow should have still been in the game at that point.  His reasoning is that it was 31-7 on the road in a conference game.  That’s three scores at the end of the third quarter and conceivably Kentucky could have come back.

I would agree with Mr. Schrager normally.  In this case, though, he’s completely wrong.  This was not a normal circumstance.  Tebow was part of a contingent of Florida players who flew on a separate flight to not infect the other players.  If he was truly that sick, then yeah, three scores (Three TDs with three 2-point conversions, mind you) is plenty enough to sit the one player who matters on your team.  Their D had held the Wildcats to 7 points through three quarters.  Losing Tebow doesn’t change anything to them.  Did Meyer not have enough confidence that the D would hold the lead?  Of course he did, that’s ridiculous.  Sit Tebow down.

Third, if you’re the trainer and you see Tebow motionless on the field, how mad are you at the offensive lineman who tries to pull him to his feet?  That would have made a good story if he’d had a spinal cord injury.  Maybe he felt bad for not even sticking out an arm to slow down Wyndham.

I said at the top that I wouldn’t make fun of Tebow, no matter how bad I want to.  I did not, however, make any such promises about the Gator fans.

Really?  Is this necessary?

Really? Is this necessary?

The above picture is the shocked reaction of some (clearly single) Gator fan.  This is not Tim Tebow’s family.  This is some guy who has never met Tim Tebow, will never meet Tim Tebow and will never, ever have a girlfriend.  I can understand a look of concern.  Maybe even the hand covering the mouth while you wait for him to move.

But no, this guy resorts hugging the only woman he’s ever been that close to:  his mother.  Are you kidding me?  Timmy isn’t dead.  He was never in danger of dying.  Get a grip here.

Finally:  I don’t think Superman ever had a concussion or the flu.  Guess that settles that.

7 Responses

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  2. So Timmy is human? Oh.
    It is going to be a long season…

  3. He had a concussion I believe that. I have witnessed hits like that and the way he looked just said its not all there.

  4. Yessssss, I love the reference and comparison to Superman. So Timmy Terrific got rocked. You’re right, it’s football.

    I am very proud of you for not poking fun at Tebow. I mean, I hate to see players hurt, even Kansas and Oklahoma ones. However, you’re right. The fan reaction was a little ridiculous.

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