2009 NFL Power Rankings (Week 3)

I didn’t do my power rankings last week so note that the “LW” column isn’t actually the standings for “Last Week” it’s actually the rankings from my Week 1 Power Rankings. I am currently using 13 different power rankings from reputable sources to determine the average ranking for each team. I would like to add a few more but I’m not sure which ones I would use. The formula I made for this will become more and more accurate as the season goes on, because as of right now the win percentages are being greatly influential over the final outcome due to the fact that each game makes up a greater portion of teams win percentage. The more games that are played, the more it will water down that impact and the rankings as a whole will become more accurate.

I’m going to start adding a few points that I feel are noteworthy after the rankings so be sure to check those out. Here are the rankings: Continue reading

WaB’s Take On Tim Tebow

I’m sure you’ve seen it by now.  If not, enjoy:

Anyway, in case you don’t know, Florida Gators superhero Tim Tebow was knocked unconscious by cult hero, Kentucky freshman defensive end Taylor Wyndham.  We’re not going to bash the Florida QB or call him names because…well, we’re just not going to.  However, we do have a few observations about the hit, the circumstances, and the fan reaction.

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