Friday 5 – Saturday Edition!

Yesterday was Weller’s turn to do the Friday 5, but he was out-of-town and I completely dropped the ball.  So instead, you’ll be getting the first ever special edition.  Why is it so special?  Well, because it makes me look like I didn’t forget yesterday.

So today I’m going to count down my favorite sports.  Weller did something similar a while back and it’s easy enough to do.  Let’s get started.

5. Aussie Rules Football

This is kind of the odd sport in my countdown; similar to Weller’s rugby inclusion.  This game is rarely on TV, but if you make an effort, you can find it on the internet.  ESPN360 carried the Grand Final between Geelong and St. Kilda last night.  When I was in Australia in 2006, I had a chance to see St. Kilda play Carlton.  I was hooked.  It’s such an intense game, it’s like rugby, soccer, and American football combined.  I decided to be a St. Kilda fan and bought the scarves and wore our red and black.  A nice fan noticed my lack of accent and explained the rules to me.

The game itself doesn’t stop.  Fight on the far side of the field: “Ah, no, mate, they’ll just get the tribunal at midweek and be banned for a few games.  No need to stop the match!”  A guy breaks his leg going for a mark? “Wait until the play moves on, mate.  Get the stretcher.  Carry him off the field.”  Imagine if American football had no stoppages, no commercials, just awesomeness?  It would  be much cooler.

The rules are fairly simple.  Catch a kicked ball and you get a mark, or free kick.  Kick it through the center uprights and you get six points.  Kick it through the side uprights and you get one point.  No pass interference, that’s for wusses.  Tackle everything.  No pads.

4. College Football

If we had AFL in the states, I would consider putting it here.  As it stands, I watch a lot of college football and I love it.  I made the differentiation between college and NFL because I don’t feel like you get that connection that you do with a college team.  Either you graduated from there or you parents did or for whatever reason, the college chose you.  I’m a Tennessee Vols fan and I didn’t have a choice.  My parents went there and that’s how it was.

I don’t have to explain the rules or anything, chances are good that you watch a fair bit of football yourself.  It’s a great sport, I just wish there weren’t so many stoppages.

3. Hockey

By most accounts, I’m a relatively new hockey fan.  I watched the Blues occasionally when I was a kid and enjoyed the sport, but I was never really a rabid fan.  Then one day back in 2000, my Dad came home and asked if I wanted to go to a Blues-Senators game.  We went, the Blues won 4-1 and it was over.  If you really, really pressed me, I may call the Blues my favorite team overall.  The game doesn’t have many stoppages, it has huge hits, when executed properly it can be the most beautiful sport in the world.  Plus, you can fight.  Who doesn’t love a good fight?

It was also voted the best sport to see live in our unofficial poll.  So order Versus and become a hockey fan.  It will make you tougher.

2. Baseball

I don’t really know what to say about baseball.  It’s just such a great game.  It’s also the most stat-oriented game out there.  They can keep stats on everything and everyone knows them.

755 – Hank Aaron’s home run total

714 – Bab Ruth’s home run total

61 – Roger Maris’ single season home run record (still the record as far as I’m concerned).

I’ll stop.  You get the idea.

It’s the oldest American sport that really matters, it’s great to just go spend the day at the ballpark…I could go on.  Call it slow if you like, but it takes just as long as football and there’s probably an equal amount (or less) of commercials.  It’s just a classic.

1. Soccer

This is my sport.  I played it from the time I was four.  If you hadn’t noticed by now, I hate commercials and stoppages.  Soccer has none.  It’s called the Beautiful Game because a well executed play in soccer is the best thing to watch in sports.  There were no stoppages to set up where everyone will go, each player has to think for himself on on the fly.

It also has the world’s largest sporting event, The World Cup.  Win it and your entire country goes on a 4-year long party. Plus it only comes around every four years.  That makes it four times as sweet in my opinion.  It’s a three year qualifying process, I mean, it’s a tournament that encompasses the entire globe.  You can’t beat that.

Think there’s not enough scoring?  Today’s Florida St. vs. South Florida game is 17-7.  That’s a 2-1 ballgame in soccer.  Georgia Tech beat North Carolina 24-7.  3-1 in soccer.  Yes, there is more scoring in football than soccer, but not as much as you may think.

There is one thing that i wish they’d eliminate from the game and that’s diving.  It’s bad, yes, and it neeeever happens in other sports. Nope, never.

So there you go.  The Friday Saturday 5.  I’m sure there will be disagreements, but it’s my opinion.  I love soccer and I hate commercials.  Easy choice.  I was probably too harsh on football; I really like the sport, I do.  But I also feel like football fans are the ones who are the least open-minded of all sports fans.  Baseball fans can be hockey fans who can be soccer fans, etc.  Football fans like their football, only football, always football and every other game sucks.  Maybe I’ve just been reading Foxsports message boards too long.

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  2. Another thing I would fix about soccer is coming up with an appropriate penalty for fouls like holding an opponents jersey to keep him from breaking free and scoring a goal. Is that a “professional foul” taking someone down before they have a chance to score on your team. Don’t like that.

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