Friday Night Football

Mizzou's Golden Boy, Blaine Gabbert

Mizzou's Golden Boy, Blaine Gabbert

This is a homer post and I’m going to justify it by saying it was the only game on tonight.  Plus, it’s my blog so I can write what I want.

A quick note here, I have heard from Weller, so after yet another sabbatical, he is on his way back.  Expect more NFL posts later this week.

Now, back to the Mizzou-Nevada game.  As I’ve said several times here before, Mizzou’s new quarterback Blaine Gabbert is insanely good.  Tonight, was the first real road test for Gabbert and the Tigers against a Nevada team that is better than their 0-3 record indicates.  For whatever reason, the Wolfpack decided it would be a good idea to key on the Tigers’ running game which hasn’t found its legs this year and force Gabbert and the Tigers to throw the ball.  They obliged.

Gabbert finished the day with a career high 414 yards and 3 TDs, leading his team to a 31-21 victory.

The Tigers got absolutely no running game, making Gabbert’s performance even more impressive.

I’m not going to anoint Mizzou the National Champs or anything just yet, but I’m just telling you to put them on your radar for the next two years.  My guess is this year they will finish around 8-4 and play in a decent bowl game.  I’m giving them losses to Nebraska, Oklahoma St., Texas, and Kansas right now.  Nebraska and Kansas are really toss ups; both are winnable games but Mizzou will have to start much better than they have in the past three games or they will get down early and have a tough time recovering.

If they do win 8 games this year, look out.  This team will be next year’s media darlings and deservedly so.  I’m not sure if it’s a good thing or not (See: Ole Miss, Oklahoma St.) but I think the media presence is worth it.  I think they’d at least be the favorites for another Big XII North title since Nebraska will be losing their best player, Ndamukong Suh, and Kansas will be losing everyone.

My point is all this is for you to jump on the Gabbert bandwagon now.  He is a stellar talent and future star if he isn’t already.  Look out for him and his Missouri Tigers.

Stats through four games:

1161 yards

11 TDs

0 INTs

Now I’ll take off my blinders and have a little preview for tomorrow.

The Miami Hurricanes travel to Blacksburg, Virginia to take on the Hokies of Virginia Tech.  Miami has been the most impressive team in the country so far this year, but tomorrow will be their toughest test yet.  I think VA Tech is a little overrated, however, so I’m going with the Canes in this one.

The Gameday crew will be in Happy Valley for the Penn State-Iowa clash.  I know Weller is a huge Iowa fan this year, but they’re just not that good.  It will be a White Out at Beaver Stadium and Penn State will win it going away.

There really just aren’t that many good games tomorrow.

I think Texas Tech will do what Oklahoma State couldn’t and beat #17 Houston.  The newly ranked Washington Huskies will be brought back to earth when they lose at Stanford.  Other than that…well, everything will go as planned.

I would like to point out that I texted Weller and called the South Carolina upset over Ole Miss last night.

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  1. Haha, while you did text me about South Carolina over Ole Miss, maybe it would have been for the better to stop your predictions at that considering you got the Miami, Iowa, and Texas Tech games wrong… though you did call Stanford winning and you helped me win around $15 with the Mizzou game, so I can’t really fault you.

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