Poll: Which Uniforms Are Worse?

I realize it’s Sunday and that means NFL, but this is something I wanted to put up here.  Plus, the Rams lost again…whatever, whatever, when’s the draft?

Much has been made of the Oregon Ducks’ heinous uniforms.  You’d think after a while someone would take the hint and change them.  Yesterday they sported white helmets, green jerseys, and gray pants.  Really, who picks this?  They look terrible.

Well, in an attempt to get a little publicity of their own, the Colorado Buffaloes decided to stage a Legacy Day or something like that.  Apparently Legacy Day means produce the ugliest uniform possible.  The Buffs wore silver helmets that sported a black buffalo horn, a sun-dried pee colored jersey and gray pants.  I guess it worked, though, since they picked up their first win against another poorly dressed team, the Wyoming Cowboys.

Pictures and poll below.





Someone should lose their job.  That’s really all there is to it.  So I leave it up to you.  Who looks worse?

4 Responses

  1. Definitely the throw backs…they look sweat-stain yellow in color.

  2. I actually like Oregon’s uniforms normally, but the color combinations this week didn’t even match. Three different colors that all clashed and looked even worse because it looked like a dreary day in the Northwest.

    • Hey Breslin, thanks for the comment. Oregon’s uniforms can be alright sometimes, I just don’t get the black numbers on the black jerseys, etc. Then this week, I mean, white helmets and gray pants? Just weird.

      I still voted for Colorado’s though. They’re just all-around ugly.

  3. Sun-dried pee… descriptive and accurate.

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