Friday 5 – Best Speeches

On Wednesday longtime Detroit Tigers broadcaster Ernie Harwell gave a stirring farewell speech in front of a packed house at Comerica Park.  That got me thinking about what the greatest sports speeches off all time were.  I don’t mean interviews or tirades, so no MEN WHO ARE FORTY and no “Playoffs?….Playoffs?”  There will also be no Brett Favre retirements in here, though I’d have a few to choose from.  You also won’t find any whiny Tim Tebow speech; what a crock that was.

I’m talking about those speeches that came off the cuff and immediately became a part of   for one reason or another.  Let’s get started.

5. Bob Knight – Kiss My Ass

I know this may not be the most inspirational speech of all time, but I had to include Bobby Knight in here somewhere.  The “Kiss My Ass” soundbite is quick , but it’s my favorite part of any of his speeches.  Basically, the man has a way with words.  He is very blunt and I love it.  The #5 spot on this list is pretty much a career achievement award.  I’d imagine it is also the most controversial.

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