2009 NFL Season Prediction (9/10)

The NFL season kicks off tonight when the Titans play the Steelers so I thought it would be a good time to put up one of these bad boys. Here it is.

North South East West
Steelers (14-2) Colts (13-3) Patriots (11-5) Chargers (11-5)
Ravens (12-4) Titans (10-6) Bills (9-7) Broncos (3-13)
Bengals (6-10) Texans (9-7) Jets (7-9) Chiefs (3-13)
Browns (6-10) Jaguars (6-10) Dolphins (5-11) Raiders (3-13)
North South East West
Vikings (11-5) Panthers (12-4) Giants (11-5) Cardinals (10-6)
Bears (9-7) Falcons (11-5) Eagles (11-5) Seahawks (5-11)
Packers (8-8) Saints (10-6) Cowboys (8-8) 49ers (4-12)
Lions (4-12) Buccaneers (3-13) Redskins (8-8) Rams (3-13)

The playoff seedings would look like this:

AFC 1. Steelers NFC 1. Panthers

2. Colts
2. Vikings

3. Chargers
3. Giants

4. Patriots
4. Cardinals

5. Ravens
5. Eagles

6. Titans
6. Falcons

Based on those seedings, this is how I would see the playoffs playing out:

Wild Card Round Divisional Round
Matchup Winner Matchup Winner
Titans @ Chargers Chargers Ravens @ Steelers Ravens
Ravens @ Patriots Ravens Chargers @ Colts Colts
Falcons @ Giants Falcons Falcons @ Panthers Panthers
Eagles @ Cardinals Eagles Eagles @ Vikings Vikings

AFC Championship NFC Championship
Matchup Winner Matchup Winner
Ravens @ Colts Colts Vikings @ Panthers Panthers

Super Bowl XLIV Matchup Super Bowl XLIV Champions
Colts Vs Panthers Indianapolis Colts

I know, surprise surprise, I have the Colts winning the Super Bowl. I even intended on doing these this season and not picking the Colts to win the Super Bowl at all just to give it different look, but I forgot, so I guess I’ll start that next time. This does mean that you can look forward to another mock draft in the near future though.

5 Responses

  1. I think I am going to make one of these even though the first game is over, I would have picked the Steelers over a Titans team any day.

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