Colts Final Roster + Practice Squad

For those of you that don’t know, the final 53-man rosters for all of the NFL teams had to be finalized on Saturday and since then the teams have filled their eight practice squad slots. There were quite a few surprise moves that the Colts made but I trust that they know what they’re doing. You can see the Colts final roster below:

Colts Roster
# Name Pos College
1 McAfee, Pat P West Virginia
4 Vinatieri, Adam K South Dakota State
7 Painter, Curtis QB Purdue
8 Andrus, Shane K Murray State
10 Smith, Taj * WR Syracuse
11 Gonzalez, Anthony WR Ohio State
12 Sorgi, Jim QB Wisconsin
17 Collie, Austin WR Brigham Young
18 Manning, Peyton QB Tennessee
20 Rushing, T.J. DB Stanford
21 Sanders, Bob DB Iowa
23 Jennings, Tim DB Georgia
25 Powers, Jerraud DB Auburn
26 Hayden, Kelvin DB Illinois
27 Lacey, Jacob DB Oklahoma State
28 Jackson, Marlin DB Michigan
29 Addai, Joseph RB LSU
31 Brown, Donald RB Connecticut
32 Hart, Mike * RB Michigan
33 Bullitt, Melvin DB Texas A&M
35 Simpson, Chad RB Morgan State
40 Silva, Jamie DB Boston College
41 Bethea, Antoine DB Howard
43 Francisco, Aaron DB Brigham Young
44 Clark, Dallas TE Iowa
46 Cloherty, Colin * TE Brown
47 Robinson, Gijon TE Missouri Western State
48 Snow, Justin TE Baylor
50 Wheeler, Philip LB Georgia Tech
52 Glenn, Cody LB Nebraska
54 Keiaho, Freddy LB San Diego State
55 Session, Clint LB Pittsburgh
56 Hagler, Tyjuan LB Cincinnati
58 Brackett, Gary LB Rutgers
59 Humber, Ramon LB North Dakota State
61 Richard, Jamey OG Buffalo
63 Saturday, Jeff C North Carolina
65 Lilja, Ryan OG Kansas State
66 DeVan, Kyle OG Oregon State
67 Ugoh, Tony OT Arkansas
68 Foster, Eric DT Rutgers
69 Gill, John * DT Northwestern
71 Diem, Ryan OT Northern Illinois
73 Thomas, Jaimie * OG Maryland
74 Johnson, Charlie OT Oklahoma State
76 Federkeil, Daniel OT Calgary
78 Pollak, Mike OG Arizona State
79 Brock, Raheem DE Temple
83 Matthews, John * WR San Diego
84 Tamme, Jacob TE Kentucky
85 Garcon, Pierre WR Mount Union
86 Santi, Tom TE Virginia
87 Wayne, Reggie WR Miami (Florida)
90 Muir, Daniel DT Kent State
92 Johnson, Ed DT Penn State
93 Freeney, Dwight DE Syracuse
95 Moala, Fili DT Southern California
96 Dawson, Keyunta DE Texas Tech
98 Mathis, Robert DE Alabama A&M
99 Johnson, Antonio DT Mississippi State
Hall, Devon * DB Utah State
Pociask, Jason * TE Wisconsin
*Indicates a player on the practice squad


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