College Football Awards

I realize that the season is one week old so this is a little late, but it’s always fun to do these.  I’m going to run through all the college football awards and tell you who is going to win each one.  Simple enough.

Let’s get started with the Ted Hendricks Award for the best defensive end:

Greg Hardy – Sr. – Ole Miss

Hardy is the easy choice here.  He’s the defensive leader of a top ranked team.  The last two years he’s put up sack totals of 10 and 8, respectively.  He is perhaps best remembered for stuffing Tim Tebow on 4th down during the Rebels’ 31-30 upset of the Gators.  As you know, that led to the most over-played, whiny, stupid press conference since Alan Iverson was “talkin’ ’bout practice, man.”  Others considered:  George Selvie, USF; Sergio Kindle, Texas.

Ray Guy Award for best punter:

Matt DodgeSr. – East Carolina

I don’t have much of a reason behind this except Dodge has the highest average among all the punters on the Groza Award Watch List at 46.62 yards per punt.  Others considered:  Everyone on the watch list.

Lou Groza Award for best placekicker:

Thomas Weber – Jr. – Arizona State

As with the punter, this is based solely on stats.  Weber has made 85.71% of his kicks in three years and also has the third most made kicks coming into this year.  Others considered:  Everyone else on the watch list.

Lombardi Award for best linebacker or lineman:


Nebraska's Ndamukong Suh

Ndamukong Suh Sr. – Nebraska

Suh wins in a close one over Russell Okung.  Suh is a monster.  He has game changing ability from the defensive tackle position.  Any number of guys could win this, but I’m going with Suh.  Others considered:  Lombardi award listers, Sean Wesatherspoon, Missouri; Brandon Spikes, Florida.

Outland Trophy for best interior lineman:

Russell Okung – Sr. – Oklahoma State

Basically, I’m giving this to Okung because it was so close between him and Suh for the Lombardi.  Generally offensive linemen win this one as well, so it makes sense.  Others considered:  Brian Baluga, Iowa; Terrence Cody, Alabama; Gerald McCoy, Oklahoma; Russell Okung, Oklahoma State; Adam Ulatoski, Texas.

John Mackey Award for best tight end:

Dennis Pitta – Sr. – BYU

Pitta returns the most yards receiving and the most catches from the tight end spot.  He has a very capable QB throwing to him in Max Hall.  He put up a game-high seven receptions and 90 yards in the season opening win against Oklahoma.  This spot would’ve been Jermaine Gresham’s had he stayed healthy.  Others considered:  Cody Slate, Marshall

Jim Thorpe Award for best defensive back:

Eric Berry – Jr. – Tennessee

In all honesty, Berry should have won this last year.  I would say Taylor Mays got consideration, but he didn’t.  Berry was superior in every significant statistical category.  Eric Berry might be the best defensive back in the history of college football.  Others considered:  Eric Berry, Tennessee.

Fred Biletnikoff Award for best wide receiver:

Dez Bryant – Jr. – Oklahoma State

This was a tough one.  I really think Bryant is a the best wideout this year, even over Julio Jones at Alabama.  Bryant does a little bit of everything and he has a better QB throwing the ball.  Jones will win this next year after Bryant is a 1st round pick in the NFL Draft.  Others considered:  Julio Jones, Alabama; AJ Green, Georgia.

Doak Walker Award for best running back:

Cal's Jahvid Best

Cal's Jahvid Best

Jahvid Best – Jr. – California

Best is the  best running back in country.  He proved his standing at the top this weekend by racking up 137 yards and two touchdowns on only 10 carries.  He’s going to be a darkhorse for the Heisman by the end of the year.  Others considered:  Noel Devine, West Virginia; DeMarco Murray, Oklahoma.

Butkus Award for best linebacker:

Brandon Spikes – Sr. – Florida

I don’t want to talk about Spikes, but I think he’ll win.  Enough said.  Others considered:  Sean Weatherspoon, Missouri; Rolando McClain, Alabama

Davey O’Brien Award for best Quarterback:

Colt McCoy – Sr. – Texas

McCoy is going to take this one over Tebow.  If the Gators fall short of a national championship it will be viewed as a failed season.  If they fall short of a championship, it will be to the benefit of Texas.  McCoy will be the better player on the better team in the end.

Chuck Bednarik and Bronko Nagurski Award for best defensive player:

Eric Berry – Jr. – Tennessee

If he doesn’t win both of these, it’s sham.  He’s the best defensive player, probably the best player in college football.  It’s that simple.

Heisman Trophy for best player:

Colt McCoy – Sr. – Texas

McCoy will win this award because Tebow and Sam Bradford already have.  Bradford has already been eliminated from the running for his second Heisman.  People will see McCoy as a Heisman worthy player (which he is) and vote him ahead because he deserves one more than Tebow deserves two. Others considered:  Eric Berry, Tennessee; Tim Tebow, Florida; Jahvid Best, California.

So there you go.  These are my college football award predictions.   I’m not going to do the Rimington Award for best center because I don’t have a clue who would be deserving.

Let me have the Tebow love-fest in the comments.


11 Responses

  1. Nah! No Teblow love here!

  2. I agree. No love for Tebow.

  3. #1 commenters.

  4. I agree McCoy takes the best QB trophy but I really do see Tebow winning the second one. I would be a little easy on the Berry comments. He is good but I don’t see him sweeping it like you say.

  5. Eric Berry probably will/should go down as the best defensive back in college football history. His stats and accomplishments through just two seasons isn’t even close to being paralleled by any other player, currently or in history.

    • I agree his stats are phenomenal right now. I just want to see if it keeps up. Give him this year to keep on par and I will probably agree with you hands down, unless I find something deep in the archives.

      Also where is Bryan and why isn’t he reporting on games today?

    • I was at Mizzou’s sluggish performance against Bowling Green. Perfect day for football.

    • I don’t think his stats will be as great this year because opposing teams are going to game plan to not throw the ball anywhere near number 14.

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  7. […] injury two different times after two seemingly harmless tackles.  I knew of Suh’s dominance before last year started and I got a chance to watch him single-handedly win football games for Nebraska which only made me […]

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